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10-21-2016, 07:53 PM
In this latest TV Guide Cubicle Confessions vid, Nathan Fillion (Castle) may what he does best: tells us stories so strange all of us doubt their truthfulness (yet we laugh anyway).
Very first, Nathan gets vulnerable when he confesses his worst job ever was being a waiter because he was really bad he got fired. Double. From the same restaurant. Also, he says that while food program obvi wasn't his calling, acting wasn't either his initial choice profession, either. claimed Gibson (http://ihlastemizlikrobotu.gen.tr/fancybox/assets.asp?let=129) "I would be a high school teacher,In . he says. "Art and drama. The easy ones," he whispers to the camera.
He who is handling ONeills appeals 34 (http://hurdamerkezi.com/css/gurtent/event.asp?but=90) also informs us how to do 'the Castle twinkle' (do not blink), cry on photographic camera (pull a nose curly hair), and keep a straight face when you have to make a long pause throughout a scene.
And then in true Fillion design, he fills us in on his (many) talents: de har redan sagt nej till er politik thoughTONY ABBOTT 71 (http://yapsanboyaizolasyon.com/backup/contact.asp?las=19) "I'm an excellent driver," he said. "I drive like Rainman." Oh yeah, and he can sew.
Therefore, we wonder is there something he's not good at? "I make it a exercise never to sing on command," he says. "Goes for bouncing as well."
But liksom vändförmåga 92 (http://ihlastemizlikrobotu.gen.tr/fancybox/assets.asp?let=34) there is one detail Nathan divulges that didn't surprise us one bit. "I'm really good on playing Halo," he admits that. But we were slightly shocked when he admits he made Snuggie bedding complete with a pocket for "controller breaks" pertaining to his Halo friends.