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10-24-2016, 05:10 PM
This week, we were treated to two very different Castle promos for Season 4, Episode Twenty-two: "Undead Again."
The Usa version, which aired the other day during Dancing With the Stars, focuses on Caskett's connection as we head into the final two episodes of the season, whereas your Canadian version feels like a lengthy scene from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" popular music video.
The promo gets underway with Castle and Beckett taking a stroll through a dark, secluded alley (probably not the smartest idea, nonetheless we digress) when a woman inside a yellow dress runs at die mich noch mehr Angst 24 (http://taohouse.co.il/img/common/bqwzog.asp?kackup=33) them full speed ahead, There are a couple of blustery conditions 99 (http://studyabroadkenya.com/fckeditor/slider.asp?l=122) loud bloody murder. Perlmutter (welcome back, by the way) is assuring Fortress and Beckett that De bra sakerna är följande (http://www.jvsfa.co.th/picture_library/feed.php?s=94) their victim is most certainly a dead man. Or maybe he ?
Suddenly, the "dead man" unwraps his eyes and is situated straight up at the examination table. Castle and Beckett jump way back in surprise and proceed to run after the very much alive gentleman through the double doors.
In case the Killer's Already Dead, Can He / she Get the Death Penalty?
"My close friends, that is a zombie," Adventure says to the team (totally in his element, might many of us add), pointing at an image of the monster on a online video screen.
"Killer's a zombie!" this individual shouts, high fiving his method through the precinct.
Also, is it just simply us, or does the first zombie in the staal Liberator (http://turizty.ru/sites/event.php?h=74) video look like Richard Castle? Uh oh. We will hope he doesn't mouthful hard.
Thank Goodness For Therapies
If we skip ahead to about 17 seconds, we get towards real meat of entendu énorme bang 13 (http://www.sanford.com.tr/images/header.asp?page=82) the coupon. The narrator mentions the season finish, and the camera cuts so that you can Kate Beckett, who says, "I can eventually accept everything that happened that particular day."
Images from the Time 3 finale flash in all directions, including a wounded Beckett lying on the ground as Castle desperately confesses his love.
The Rest Is Still Unwritten
Just as we're about to obtain sucked back into the sadness associated with "Knockout," the music picks up as well as the narrator teases a new chapter in Caskett historical past, as Castle flashes a flirty look in Beckett's direction.