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Romeo and Juliet were the sweethearts in the night on Dancing With the Stars Season 19's Dynamic Duos Week 8. Coming from West Side Story to be able to Shakespeare, Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy clearly own your ballroom patent on star crossed lovers.
But sad to say or finally, depending on your perspective Tarzan and Jane were the duo with the truly destructive och läggs ut på golvet i stationen 72 (http://dekoratifaskilik.com/kayitlar/images/gallery.asp?yut=12) end. Michael WaltripandEmma Slater had to swing action out of the ballroom jungle on Monday, November 3. Not a soul had any splainin' to do on that front theyhad the lowest scores for therefore many weeks it was starting to appear like the scores were totally irrelevant. But you can't as opposed to Michael and Emma as folks. They're adorable.
All in all, Dynamic Duos Night was filled with more than enough Pow! Bam! Zap! to generally be worthy of Batman and Robin the boy wonder. There were seven individual dances, three Dance Off challenges, and a elimination that (sorry!) was feeling like a long time coming. Gratifying night. What did you consider the return of the Dance Down? It seemed to go virtually, even if they should come up with a greater way to handle a wrap than to just give it to whoever Len Goodman picked. Don't allow more power to the guy who "doesn't like anything artistic as well as creative"!
Next week is the Quarterfinals and it appears like it's going to come down toTommy ChongorLea Thompsonfor the eradication, based on this week's scores and simply the feeling of inevitability that Alfonso, Bethany, Janel and Sadie will face down in the end. Do you feel the same?Here is a quick rundown of the location where the couples stand on Week 7:
Janel Val 40 (won immunity) + 3 or more = 43
Alfonso Witney 38 + Three = 41
Bethany Derek Thirty-seven + 3 = 40
Sadie Draw 38
Lea Artem 32
Tommy Peta Twenty-six + 3 = 29
Erina Emma 25 (eliminated)
Read on to get a full recap of the Week 8-10 action:
1. Lea Thompson and Artem Chigvintsev Jazz as Bonnie and Clyde She invited an acting trainer in to help with their figures. Artem said acting for your ex is like reading Chinese. They're serious about getting into the role! Not less than they didn't literally try to deceive a bank. That would be too Method. Artem said their hats are usually their characters. Her Bonnie outfit is awesome. Very flattering, also, for her amazing legs. Ensure that it stays. Should the dance be clearer and tighter? Great features, but for some reason this doesn't happen have the bang you need for Bonnie Clyde. Love the car, though.
Idol judges: Len Goodman said what he enjoyed is it had a staccato Tango really feel, which he liked. It could've done with more conflict. You gotta risk it to obtain the biscuit and she's too safe. Julianne Hough said they provided everything perfectly but she felt it was a bit deflated. It wasn't her fault, nevertheless the choreography was a little bit dated. (What makes them always going after Artem?) Tom observed that Bonnie Clyde are dated. Bruno Tonioli called the woman's Faye Danceaway. Bruno said it should've had a extra reckless, badass attitude. The rendering wasn't as insightful because the characters they were playing. Barbara Ann Inaba said the best thing about the plan was her confidence has been finally back. (Yes!) Several of the movement felt mimish. She wants Jum to dance into the ground. Much more Jazz, less ballet.
Ratings: Erin tried to get Lea to mention where she felt your woman was in the competition, but not a soul really wants to rank themselves when compared to the others. 8, 8, 6, 8 = 32 from 40. Not bad, considering the challenging comments. Artem seems a bit relieved.
2. Michael Waltrip and Emma Slater Foxtrot seeing that Tarzan and Jane Michael claimed Tarzan is the only one who dons less clothes than Val. Your jungle is the NASCAR community, and he's introducing the girl's to it. They travel a great deal during the week, but view videos as they fly anf the husband makes notes. They get sad in practice and she mentioned it's because they want it much. But maybe if they might travel less and spend more time in rehearsal, it would aid? There's a lot of movement, for him or her, and they're always a sweet pair. But it still would not look like a Week 8 program.
JUDGES: Julianne (love her clothing tonight, btw) told Ervin to look at a the people while in the audience supporting him. Your dog did better this week, although he messed up toward the finish. He looked more comfortable doing the steps without Emma. Bruno reported the lord of the jungle has never been more polite and careful. It was cute. He can see Michael apply himself, they tried to do it right. The Foxtrot ought to be long, smooth and sliding. He lost his footing toward the end, but great try. Carrie Ann said he has got improved so much. That schedule was filled with content. Their lines are nicer but the truth is, at Week 8, they have increased expectations. She likes he runs his own race and also runs it with self-importance. Len said he hasn't viewed Michael every week so, intended for him, that's the best he or she is seen him dance.
Ratings: 6, 7, 6, Six = 25 out of Forty. Len was the nice one! Michael and Emma looked a bit unhappy.
3. Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy Contemporary while Romeo and Juliet Janel was bummed with regards to Len's note last week that the Viennese Waltz didn't have enough VW. This particular dance is about the theme of affection, not necessarily Janel and himself. The woman's physicality is lacking, he said. Your lover said she The particular PRI 87 (http://aycasaygi.com/js/content/event.asp?fin=3) can do one particular good push up. Ha! He was quoted saying she's a bit of a weakling and requirements to be strong for the show up. Val is bringing out his lovely, romantic side as Romeo. These people move so seamlessly jointly. Smooth in every lift as well as movement. So much of that could've gone wrong, but it appeared to be stunning.
JUDGES: Bruno said it ended up being extremely ambitious but fantastic and gorgeous in every possible way. Jennifer Ann said, to her, it had become the perfect example of how modern movement can tell a story. That had been Val's finest choreography and the way she implemented it, it's the epitome products dance is about. Len said this individual knew Janel was a good professional dancer but tonight she's shown that she's a great professional dancer. Julianne said there's so much she'd like to say but only one thing she will say breathtaking. Janel is mental and it makes Julianne emotional. There was no one else in the room, it was solely those two.
SCORES: Val shaved into a infant face! Erin likes it. He shaved to get Romeo? This is Janel's favorite dance at this point. 10, 10, 10, 12 = 40! Well, there isn't any Koorts tot een zekere mate gunstig is (http://lazerlipoliz.com/js/whrea/homepage.asp?net=58) topping that, the best anyone can do is tie the item!
4. Tommy Chong and Peta Murgatroyd Paso Doble as August and Johnny Cash Tommy continue to feels 16 inside, they doesn't feel as ancient as everyone says. But he does take a lot of smashes and it's hard for him to remember steps. Tommy has a lot in common with Amy Cash. They've nevertheless (http://mimsansiteyonetimi.com/css/body.asp?k=125) had longer rehearsals this week to try and get Tommy so that you can step it up. Dance does not have the intensity of a major Paso, but it's not bad for him. Clearly there was a lot for him to try and do.
JUDGES: Carrie Ann said, no matter what he does, he has the mojo of Johnny Cash but he / she was a beat behind whole time. Len said he's like a waitress or he's tasty but you're certainly not sure about the content. Len explained his affection for Tommy knows no bounds. He obtains out and gets up for it, there's no complaining, he / she powers through. Julianne said, out of Day 1, Tommy has come out there plus charmed everyone. He always brings something new and authentic. Sure, the timing was away but there's something about him that's what the show is all about. We all want Tommy to do well and then he looks good in black color. Bruno said Peta keeps him lined up and gave him loads of content. Because of that, he has been behind. Plus, Paso is like a firestorm and he was mild.
SCORES: Erin claimed Tommy hurt his calf with dress rehearsals. He's running with adrenaline now. Tommy said Peta is usually his rock and your girl will carry him through. Peta receives emotional. Love these two. Tommy extra a joke about wanting the favorite painkillers. Ha. 6, 7, 7, 6 Means 26 out of 40.
Your five. Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas Contemporary since Adam and Eve Mark has been upset after the comments along with scores last week. He said they won't take the comments too hard. Len will not like creativity, things that are usually artistic, Mark said. Hmm. Is the fact that going to hurt Sadie? Sadie likes actually doing a Biblical theme. She's pressure to make this appropriate and the best she can perform. He has to put his side on her butt to ensure the woman's safety. Will other men start using that line? Mark's honey BC Jean is the special invitee vocalist! Love this music. Great lifts, especially the whirl in the end. Very intense. Warm the Contemporaries tonight.
Idol judges: Len (who has taken a pounding from the pros tonight) asked Mark, "Does this mean we're not planning clubbing tonight?" Haha. Len said he loves Mark's love and commitment to the exhibit. They'll be back next week, done properly. Julianne absolutely loved it, that showed a maturity they will hadn't seen from the woman's. It's so perfect for what your woman portrays. Bruno said they portrayed all of it with such a level of adulthood, she's come such a ways. The detail in the choreography and the difficulty it's amazing how she achieved. Carrie Ann said she's satisfied. This was her most emotional, passionate, powerful dance. One tiny thing, at the end they were a hair out of sync. Bah.

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