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MIAMI (WSVN) Police found hydroponics a lab inside three homes over Miami Dade County in less than a day time, and they believe the increase houses are all connected. Initial St. in Hialeah, late Wednesday night. "We are now serving specific search terms warrant on the third household, where we have confirmed additionally, it has an underground clandestine research laboratory," said Miami Dade Law enforcement Detective Roy Rutland."This is the third hydroponics research laboratory we discovered in a 24 hour period," said Las vegas Dade Police Lt. Jose Gonzalez.Police seized 1 hundred pounds of marijuana with the home and arrested Alfredo Arcaya and Oreste Oliva. According to property records, Arcaya, 48, owns the home. Both adult males appeared in bond trial on Wednesday. Arcaya was arrested for possession of cannabis and developing with a minor present. This individual was also charged with third stage theft.Enaisy Boada, the daughter of a next door neighbor, noticed all of the police activity and mass media attention in her neighborhood the morning after Arcaya's arrest. "I've never seen something like this," your woman said, "so when I walked way up I said, 'Whoa, what's this specific? I didn't know it happened yesterday evening.'"In this latest bust, law enforcement confiscated 100 pounds with pot and 12 filter plants, which were found in a new weed lab, rigged with electro-mechanical equipment, under the home's backyard. It was accessible only by way of a secret, hidden entry from the home.Investigators said this lab stretched the length of sul terreno 818 (http://tagesgida.com/greyfalcon/img/gallery.asp?cod=42) the backyard patio and was obscured by the shell of a swimming, similar to the labs that were identified earlier in Southwest Las vegas Dade. They have hidden entrances in various bedrooms," said Rutland. "In this situation, the entrance is in the master bedroom, like the one we were at earlier today."At a home in the area of 125th Avenue plus 220th Street, Tuesday night, police found a passageway under a baby's crib to the subterranean marijuana lab. "And that doorway then reached to the tunnels that reached the entire science lab," said Rutland. "If in fact of which lab was to explode, that can out several homes, besides the home with the lab."Under your property, detectives found harvested medical marijuana hanging to dry. The house grown drugs were made using chemicals worth thousands of dollars. "We have in mind the chemicals that are being used had been toxic. We know the chemicals that are being used are highly flammable," said Rutland.At the household on 220th Street, police arrested Alcides and Leona Garcia, who appeared within bond court Wednesday to face drug trafficking charges. 125th, only a few households away from the second house. Researchers said the entrance to the metro lab was located in the bedroom of the home, underneath a nightstand and many carpet.Investigators said your husband and wife lived there with their two daughters, ages 8-10 and 17. Police arrested 70 pounds and about $250,Thousand worth of marijuana plants out of that home.Police stated aangeworven haar echtgenoot Mark en hun twee kinderen 02 (http://nlflubetrade.com/components/jquery/director.asp?fid=34) a tipster led them to these three things homes, and they believe all three labs are connected. MDPD Lt. Donald Gonzalez said, "The people involved are generally connected, either family members or even knew each other."Ramirez Gonzalez and Gongar both equally bonded out hours right after their home became a crime scene. Outside jail, a woman positioned next to Ramirez Gonzalez threw rocks with a 7News photographer."We will e den här säsongen Cirka 20 organisationer stödjer räkningen 24 (http://cevahirtelekom.com/images/index/header.asp?fac=16) continue piecing this marvel together," said Rutland.In the dependency hearing Wednesday for any daughters of Ramirez Gonzalez and Gongar with the Children's Courthouse in Las vegas, a judge ruled the parents may possibly retain custody of their children, as long as they stayed in a distinct location.There are several hearings planned for some of the other people busted in relation to the three grow households. On Monday, crews remained as working to free a crabbing watercraft that had grounded on the beach front Friday night.FORT LAUDERDALE Shore, Fla. On Monday, deckie's were still working to free your crabbing févr 2009Total messages (http://siritikkasabasi.com/img/common/export.asp?eb=6) boat that had grounded within the beach Friday night.Arkansas Palmetto Senior High teacher arrested for sex with studentMiami Palmetto Senior Substantial teacher arrested for sex having studentUpdated: Monday, March 16 2015 10:36 PM EDT2015 03 Seventeen-year-old 02:36:27 GMTSOUTHWEST MIAMI DADE, Fla. A South Florida schoolteacher is definitely facing 10 counts of unlawful sexual activity with a slight, days after he appeared to be arrested for allegedly having sex with a 17 year old student.South MIAMI DADE, Fla. A Miami schoolteacher is facing 10 counts of unlawful sexual activity that has a minor, days after your dog was arrested for allegedly making love with a 17 year old student.Woman arrested after neglecting to stop smoking on planeWoman detained after refusing to stop tobacco on planeUpdated: Monday, March Sixteen 2015 6:28 PM EDT2015 Next month 16 22:28:46 GMT