View Full Version : Boy Beaten Unconscious Over iPod 57

12-07-2016, 04:53 AM
The iPod is not only the need to have status symbol among kids nowadays, it also something else a goal for Belstaff Sale (http://www.belstaffsale.nu/) thieves.
The latest case has resulted in ahospital stay for 1 youngster and the hunt for exactly what believed to bethree young offenders.
A 14 year old boy was one of about 200 adolescents hanging out an Ajax Plaza on Rossland Path Monday afternoon, when a few other young males noticed he or she was Timberland Boots Sale (http://www.timberlandbootssale.nu/) listening to some tracks on hisMP3 player.
They ganged on the youth and needed he hand it onto them. Completely outnumbered, he had absolutely no choice but to cave in the Canada Goose Chateau Parka (http://www.canadagoosechateauparka.nu/) machine. That should have been get rid of it.
It wasn they got the product, the group then began quitting and beating the anxious teen in the face until they finally passed out. He has been Moncler Canada (http://www.monclercanada.nu/) taken to Rouge Valley Healthcare facility where he Duvetica Canada (http://www.duveticacanada.nu/) received treatment and remains under observation for just a concussion.