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12-23-2016, 01:00 PM
"It's just gorgeous to see most of Peuterey Coats (http://www.peutereycoats.nu/) these flags flying next to the harbour," said resident Jennifer Lampe. "It forces you to get a little choked up when your drive through town to see all these amazing flags just about everywhere. It makes you Barbour Uk (http://www.barbouruk.nu/) feel really pleased."
Lampe is part of Port Ludlow Acquaintances, a local Duvetica Outlet (http://www.duveticaoutlet.nu/) business that helped the Rotary Club cover dozens of American flags being flown all over town. That they lined streets and merchants, of Port Ludlow, and now they can be gone.
"My heart sank a little bit.," she said.
Thirteen flags were stolen about Veterans Day. Some of them ended up being specifically dedicated to the storage of a fallen soldier,
"It's simply just senseless," said Lampe. "Why would you steal the flag?In .
The missing flags will also be leaving a hole in Rotary's spending budget. It will cost the organization about $500 to restore the flags. That's income that would have to come out of any scholarship fund for community high school students, meaning one worthwhile student might have to go without.
"It's a shame from that viewpoint," said Ned Luce, President with the Parajumpers Gilet (http://www.parajumpersgilet.nu/) East Jefferson Rotary Club.
Luce is actually a Navy veteran who requires the loss very personally. The particular flags had just been put out and were so spotless that he wonders whether another person stole them to sell, in addition to profit Belstaff Canada (http://www.belstaffcanada.nu/) from the town's patriotism.
"If many people needed some flags which bad, we probably would have given them to them," he said.
For now, there are just simply empty tubes where flagpoles ought to be planted, and an empty sensation that someone would do something hence senseless to this community.