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By Pegi Lopez November 6, 2010
People think that Heisler Park plus associated areas are chosen as a bird sanctuary. I beg to differ ? it is a dog retreat. There are far more dogs than parrots in the park. When I walk the dog, Spot, I connect with many friendly people taking walks their dogs and many (really every person I meet) ask, ?What kind of dog is that?? (Puppy people are like that.) My fact is he is a PitChaWinnie (pit bull, Qi and dachshund). God knows precisely what momma dog was up to. Contributions will help cover veterinary take care of the guide dogs and pet dogs throughout Orange County and gave sighted people a glimpse of what it means to be blind. There are far more dogs than parrots in the park. When I walk my own dog I meet several friendly people walking their own dogs and many (actually each individual I met) will ask sort of dog is that? (Dog folks are like that) My response is they are a PitChaWinnie (Pit Bull, Chihuahua , and Dachshund (god knows what momma pet dog was up to)Mayor feted seeing that Woman of the Year
By Ann DIAMOND June 9, 2004
Mayor Elizabeth Pearson Schneider ? who released this week she was walking down from her post ? was honored June 2 for the reason that Laguna Beach Woman's Club's '06 Woman of the Year. She had been described at the sold out lunch as a loyal friend; your pet dog lover; a chic, southern belle while using the persistence of a pit bull; as well as an overachiever against all odds. "She features her eyes on the treasure ? and it happens," Area Councilwoman Toni Iseman said. "She was the right man or woman to be mayor at this time."Hansen: Honk if you value art
By David Hansen Feb . 16, 2012
If your car or truck has a hood spray decorated with the Virgin of Guadalupe as being an extraterrestrial, chances are you are a little different. Scott Joe is a lot different and proud of this. With long, punkish blond wild hair, decorative goatee, red toenails with an ever present dachshund, the Fifty-seven year old Alan complements his art car, which is placed around Laguna emblazoned with a "q er bug" license plate. That platter got him into issues in Texas, but our exterminator will come to that in a minute. It all entered San Francisco in 1998, when Alan had a graffiti artist companion volunteer to improve the looks associated with his 1961 VW pester. Alan told him for you to "wow me. Locals, of course, will be aware that cast members of the particular Pageant of the Masters create for 90 seconds, never Cheap Canada Goose Jackets Uk (http://www.cheapcanadagoosejacketsuk.nu/) 90 minutes, as published the other day in this column. Barbara Artist took the time to drop off a note to my house, pointing out this won't. "Teehee!?" she wrote. "Barbara, you are aware of better. 1 1/2 hours?? The viewers would leave in mass [sic]. Help you at the Exchange Club your morning meal."Hansen: Life of loss and hilarity in Laguna
By David Hansen and also David Hansen December 26, 2013
There is a frailty about Scott Alan as he walks. Unsure and stilted, he totters in a way that makes you prepare to succeed in out and catch him if he falls. Yet he never does. He will keep moving forward, shuffling along within no particular hurry. "I go like a drunk," he said, smiling. "I tell people my feet are lushes. " It isn't booze; it's the HIV drug treatments. They wreak havoc on his foot, which is why he prefers to go barefoot. "Except I sometimes go on grass and it is like razor blades," he explained.

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