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Department of State. Ex- Baltimore Orioles players also helped away during the Aug. 13 go to. Department of State. Former Baltimore Orioles players also helped out during the Aug. 13 check out. Department of State a positive manner tour in August. This visiting players lost their particular field and equipment while in the earthquake and tsunami that attack Japan in March. Local community contributors write about the experience.
Finding the Japanese come to play football with us was an amazing practical experience. Not only was it cool to check out the different styles of swings and ways in which they threw, but it seemed to be amazing to see the different traditions some of them had compared to us all.
One thing I will never forget is actually [that] as a group of about your five players walked to the industry, before they stepped on the field they blessed it. On the whole it was amazing to see just how culture translates into sports as well as different customs they had.
Besides learning their different styles involving play, they were very extroverted and just fun to be around in general!
After this experience I can undoubtedly say sports connect diverse cultures better than anything else, despite the fact that we had the language barrier. I believe that this because even though most people couldn't understand each other, every one of us shared a common passion for the action of baseball.
Lastly, the actual Japan visit helped the team and myself realize just how lucky we truly are. We have coaches who spend long periods of time to get the field ready but not only for games, but for methods as well, and we have a lovely field to play on. This really is opposed to the unfortunate circumstances that the majority of Japanese players are usually in as they don't even have a soccer field to play on and a few possibly without houses due to the earthquake and tsunami.
The Japanese check out was definitely an experience a person can have that I will never forget.
Steve Battaglia is a senior and will be a new four year starter for the Blake football team as a catcher. He is another player in Barbour Sale (http://www.barboursale.nu/) Blake history to get started every game for three years and will be the first to start every game intended for four years this coming baseball season.
'Enthusiasm for the game is exhilarating to watch'
It was an respect to be asked by the State Department to contribute to this program. It was amazing to see what amount respect the Japanese players obtained for the game of baseball and every one of us at Blake. Their comprehension of the game and it's history is quite advanced. Their enthusiasm for any game is exciting to observe. Their energy and keenness to learn made it easy to train and conduct drills.
Scott Dunlap is definitely the assistant coach of the Blake baseball team.
'An opportunity to do something good for mankind'
This was a tremendous experience for all of us at Blake. It gave us an opportunity to do something good for human beings and the game of baseball. I feel we learned as much in the Japanese players as they would from our coaches and gamers.
It was an honor to give service to our country by hosting them for the day then to enjoy the game of football. It felt good to help them to get back on their feet and revel in playing the game once again right after the very traumatic experience they all went through a few months ago with the tsunami.
Japan players have tremendous respect for the game and their adversaries. Three things stood out in daytime. The constant smiles and interest for the game was first and foremost. Second was their particular tremendous conditioning. Not to topple the Blake players, but following the three hour workout, a number of the Japanese team continued to run for another 20 minutes. Two of the recreational softball players ran hills. Ultimately, and most important to me, after they left the field, each player bowed and said thank you towards field!!! And then to all of the Blake coaches and [former Baltimore] Orioles players that taught them during the day. And where they could, they thanked a Blake participant, too.
Former Orioles outfielder Al Bumbry reported, "I really enjoyed working with that group of kids. It isn't generally possible to work with kids and so advanced for their age including the Japanese players. You can see that these people take the game serious and are enthusiastic to learn new things.In
Former Orioles pitcher Bill Swaggerty claimed, "I totally enjoyed the day with your kids. Credit should also visit Blake's coaching staff for arranging a great experience for the Japanese players and their own game enthusiasts to participate in this great opportunity."
Bumbry and Swaggerty were individuals the Orioles' 1983 World String championship team.
Steve Murfin could be the head coach of the Blake Bengals karate team. A resident of Olney considering the fact that 1986, he has been the head university baseball coach since 04. Murfin is a 1973 graduate with Richard Montgomery High School. He is who owns the Olney Orioles of the DC Mens Senior Baseball League along with a company called JSB Baseball that runs tournaments for parents in Florida in the winter. He's executive director of a office of Frederick Memorial Clinic, where he has worked since The mid nineties.
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