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12-29-2016, 07:11 AM
The Antlers Bridge Replacement Job is one of the largest and most expensive structures recently built in a Northstate.
The Antlers Bridge on Road 5 in Lakehead is used like a primary trucking route in the western world coast and the increased traffic has taken its toll on the association.
"It's past its design existence and has been experiencing a number of minor fatigue cracking as well as maintenance costs have been getting bigger and higher," says Caltrans Challenge Manager Eric Akana.
Originally built in 1943 that had a 50 year design life, now it's two decades beyond that and it's needs to show its age. Caltrans Construction Electrical engineer Shari Re and Project Boss Eric Akana say the $125 million replacement fill will have a 100 year lifetime.
"The new one will replace it and fix some non standard shape to the south and really improve the highway for travelers," states Akana.
Over the years the major challenges are already Mother Nature, including rain along with rising water levels. The project's contractor Tutor Perini has eight main crews on the job, working around the clock to stay for schedule.
"This year, 2013 should be a big year because of a lot of progress and the upfront hard work to make things happen," claims Shari Re.
Currently they are implementing the bridge deck, as a whole more than 13 million excess fat of steel and more than Thirty-seven thousand cubic yards of concrete floor will be used.
"It's being done which has a balanced segmental construction method plus in this section we build pertaining to ten feet of fill at a time and a cable can be installed and we stress that back to tie it here we are at itself. This leapfrogs back and forth and getting longer and longer on each side. Eventually these messages will go out to about half this span, and the adjacent course is doing the same Belstaff Roadmaster (http://www.belstaffroadmaster.nu/) thing. There's a compact gap in the middle and that obtains closed off with what's called your closure pour and it accomplishes the span," suggests Akana.
This is a major boost for any local economy, there are 97 people on the job and most with the materials are from the area.
"The aggregate is coming out of the Mountain Gate Quarry in Redding and quite a few of the workers are with the union. There is a substantial amount of money spent in the local communities sufficient reason for a lot of people staying here through out of town," says Re.
This is one of the biggest jobs that will Re and Akana have worked about, and they say they are just as excited as everyone else.
"It's very amazing, everyday there's going to be lots happening and a lot visually completed so its been very interesting and academic for me as well," claims Re.
The Antlers Bridge Substitution project is being funded with federal and state transportation dollars throughout the state highway operation as well as protection program. The fill should be complete in 2015, however that could change depending on many different factors including how Nature cooperates.

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