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01-07-2017, 05:54 AM
will send into the first half of the World Cup season in which starts next month. That means Hansen is but one step closer to securing a Olympic berth, something she barely missed four years ago.
"I've many userful stuff here. I've learned a lot about how Doing work mentally," Hansen said On the in an interview with Us Luge. "Obviously, no one wants to break their feet, but I'm capable of things that I never thought I would be capable of. I believe that's the biggest deal in alone. Whether or not the Olympics happen as well as any of this works out, I'm sure Parajumpers Uk (http://www.parajumpersuk.nu/) I've proven some things to myself and some people."
"I'm fully committed to these things,Inches Hansen said of the new sportsmen that were rolled out on a constrained basis late last season, with mostly rave critiques. "I'm fully committed to making them work. I know what my other setup is like and I understand what I can do on that, however i just really want to see the options with these things. I have quite a few feeling that they could work well out."
Also Weekend in Park City, countrywide champion Chris Mazdzer won the men's selection race, plus the team of Matt Mortensen and Preston Griffall was successful in the doubles competition.

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