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02-09-2017, 07:48 AM
Outside the Prairie South School Team offices, a gentle life providing rain drizzled.
Inside, in the event the public made it past 4 burly security guards, 10 board users took 70 minutes and 10 motions/amendments to end the life of five schools.
When the funeral for instance drone of board voices ceased, cole Ross School in Moose Jaw, Briercrest, Motorised hoist Valley, Limerick and Willow Bunch institutions were gone.
Chaplin School got a two year reprieve to August 15, 2009.
The others will officially close Aug. 24.
Board chairman Gord Stewart said Chaplin made it the closure review as the school was close to getting together with criteria to stay open together with 58 students.
Estimated financial savings from the closures is $2 million around operating costs with one more $5 million in building improvements no longer needed, said Stewart.
Lessen enrolments and declining grants are a reality, he said.
"We have to be enthusiastic about the choices we make . . . in which students have a meaningful education and learning," said Stewart.
It was a sad day with tears through parents and students.
"We have to go back and tell your children we won't be here next year,In wept Grade 12 student Woolrich Parka (http://www.woolrichparka.nu/) Jamie Meaning of Crane Valley.
"I expected (trustees) would think about it. They had the selections pretty much written on paper. It had been: Close them, we don't care and attention."
Her mother, Sue, said young students would be about the bus before board members are up for breakfast due to closure.
Willow Bunch Mayor Renaud Bissonnette reported the 138 year old community required another year moratorium on closing with seven new pupils and others expected as market develops.
"They didn't give it to us. It's like losing a father or a mother."
The particular bilingual school receives $225,500 a year in federal backing.
Parent Angie Sjoberg of Ross School claimed the closure will cost mom and dad more than the school division while using costs of lunches and also transport.
"Who will buy the big houses in our neighbourhood? Not senior citizens, not singles."
Vanessa Luke of Crane Valley sobbed although her husband Tim, one of three younger farmers in the section, said the closure could make it harder to attract younger farmers.
Board member Ray Boughen was the only trustee blaming your province directly for deficiency of funding.
Prairie South lost $1.6 million in grants and some city divisions gained $5 , 000, 000, he said.
"At the end of the day, we will have to pay the bills. We share ones grief," Boughen said.
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Charlene, virtually no offense, but the rural team called the SOS Lobby group get basically made it evident they didn't want our urban help when it came to this spherical of closures. They came in at this time there with exactly the arguments that the boards wanted them to conduct, complain about the funding picture. Yes, that is the root of the situation, but this is much deeper, and for them to get ANY urban assistance (other than us at cole Ross) they to make it something the 'urbanites' would listen to. Unfortunately, they would not necessarily, and thus, this is the end result. I am not saying the result may have been different, BUT Cheap Barbour Jackets (http://www.cheapbarbourjackets.nu/) there would have been a MUCH larger turnout at the Leg for the Move, and there would have been MANY more persons complaining to their MLA's about this scenario. Unfortunately the SOS Lobby set continued on Moncler Uk (http://www.moncleruk.nu/) the 'emotional path' in a way, and this did not help us in any way. The gov't has heard the mental angle over and over again, and we right here knew they would not act. They'd pay the lip service, but in the end, they did not listen to it.
As an 'urbanite', please do not group everyone together. We DO have empathy for your situations. Unfortunately, it is just a select few (particularly the urban university board members I consider) who come off as arrogrant people who produce us all look like we could care and attention less about your lives. Having said that, there were a select few non-urban people on the SOS Lobby class who made the non-urban people sound like it was exactly the bussing issue, Moncler Toronto (http://www.monclertoronto.nu/) and could care fewer about how our kids would have to simply get bussed a few minutes. Thus, them made the rural/urban divide a whole lot of larger, only by a limited number of. But, isn't that always exactly how?
Anyways, my point at this point is that there is a MUCH larger issue the following, and it is that of the power provided to our school boards with regard to financing their own revenues by way of education property taxes and also the power to shut down schools without the other power to oversee the process to ensure things are being done thoroughly. Also, there is HUGE cost to do business in terms of school division management staff, some with incomes in the six figure range which might be just NOT needed. This is nuts. The funding formula really encourages divisions to bus little ones, and apparently there is a good new version of the 'isolated school Barbour Wax Jacket (http://www.barbourwaxjacket.nu/) factor' that will even encourages the sectors more to shut schools straight down. So, ultimately you will have 250 School Division 'Administrative' staff, using 10 schools in an spot encompassing MJ, Regina, Swift current as well as anything around it. Sound crazy? Not so much when you consider the truth that there are now only 39 educational institutions (after all 6 get sealed) in the PSSD which encompasses with the US Border to Craik plus Roleau to Chaplin. That's a huge property mass for such a few schools. And, we have 96 Central Administrative Staff. INSANITY.
To Julia (16), if you could write a book on University Boards and how money is lost, I could write a book regarding how special needs students have been neglected and mistreated; lots of incidents that involve special demands students that would break ones heart and bring tears to the eyes. These special kids deserve our compassion and never thrown into an Introduction classroom where they are eventually left to either sink or swimming; most of these children will torpedo without the appropriate accommodations. I'm deeply concerned for these special children.
Property taxes usually are wildly out of control mainly as a result of proportion allocated to education. In spite of the school closures, education taxes are still going up 8% this year. This boost is on top of about 7% recently. School boards have to find solutions to hold down costs, to not exceed the rate of rising prices. Pressure also has to be applied to the provincial government to greatly increase its share to train costs. Escalating education income taxes shouldnt compel homeowners for being driven from their homes or perhaps make difficult choices on how to spend their shrinking discretionary income.