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03-01-2017, 05:24 AM
Located off Market Street in the space that had been Durty Nelly's, it's a cool place, mainly the patio area. I was receiving a takeout order, however. My purchase, a Queso Royale, a Taco Royale, a General Homeboy as well as a side order of Barbour Canada (http://www.barbourcanada.nu/) Chipotle Turnip Greens, was ready as I got there.
I have to say what I became was a mixed bag regarding very good, kinda good rather than so good. The Homeboy panko breaded shrimp with a yummy sweet Thai chili marinade, cabbage, radish, green onions plus cilantro was delicious. I could preference everything, and all the elements did the trick together. I could have done with no small piece of foil stuck to one of the shrimp pieces. It absolutely was there because of the skewer used to offer the taco together during transport.
The actual Taco Royale was a tasty blend of crumbled chorizo, chipotle creme sauce, salsa verde, pico de gallo and creamy black bean mash. Your roasted chicken was just Alright, however.

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