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03-10-2017, 12:32 PM
With our performance now full it is time for a look back as well as reflection on what we have trained from this module. I think we had been successful in our aim of providing an entertaining spectacle with his performance. We wanted to create something that didn challenge perceptions, or boost political issues. We wanted to build interesting theatre, with an concentrate on the visual. On the day the set was a lot more limited than it had been in testing, we were used to more space and this caused worry among the throw. However, fortunately, this proved helpful in our favor as the smaller sized space made it easier to create the chaotic, claustrophobic Barbour Ireland (http://www.barbourireland.nu/) atmosphere we wanted in the piece after the wild a person begins to stir the kennel up. We finally got access to the rostra and the levels we were on as performers launched a unique and vibrant step space, surrounded by large amounts connected with darkness on each side symbolizing the unknown outside world for all those caged inside. I was pleased with our performance on the day, combining mypreparation on the vocal, physical and psychological attributes of our character. During the performance on its own it occurred to me that the Beat would have a sense of ownership while in the cage which might propel the pup to take other character products from round the cage. Oddly in the day leading up to your performance I found myself pondering heavily about Stephen King Shawshank Payoff and the film which is based on it, and more specifically the actual experiences of Brooks Hatlen an elderly inmate of the prison exactly who, after forty six several years inside, is paroled. He reacts to the news violently, out of character, attacking a friend. When produced he finds the outside world intimidating and in fear decides that better to kill himself as compared to live on. This thought added me on to the issue ofinstitutionalisationand in spite of being a work of stories, influenced my eventual efficiency due to the links I saw between Brooks and The Beat. That fear becomes found within him, and considering it in this way allowed me in order to portray the experience better than I did before. If there was anything I could change, or improve it would be to have utilised all of our time better as a party as I feel we could have come up with an even stronger performance with more focus and dedication to the job. As a company I think most of us spent well, and did wonders together successfully as a party, in the end.

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