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03-14-2017, 03:08 AM
It was a great morning for the game of rugby, prior to kick off it was decided between both organizations that we would play some sort of fifteen a side recreation to give all the boys the maximum amount of game time as possible. According to normal the game started off really slowly with both teams interested in the upper hand. The difficulty was broken by Potential Nehring scoring his first try intended for Mackie. It didn't take Lathallan long to strike back with an superb solo effort from their within center. Who was the checking out teams main attacking drive scoring all their tries, and he also didn't do far too badly in defence often, repeatedly making the sort out. turning over the ball, as a result turning defence into invasion.
This was the first real possibility of the mixed S1/S2 squads to play together and it was helpful to see that the S1 boys increased to the mark and made a direct effect on the game, and also adding to the score sheet . With a few stunning runs down Belstaff Sale (http://www.belstaffsale.nu/) the mentoring from Logan and tries by James Cochrane and Mathew Buchanan.
I must also mention the newer S2 avid gamers who have been improving steadily with each and every game they play. Dominic who was simply making more telling tackles and as well scrummaged well, Andrew who has slotted in well at scrumhalf , as well as Max who played their first game at exterior centre and got himself a number of tries. There is still many basics to work on but the future is looking good.
With a lighter note I been given many thing as a person and coach during my rugby career , but never a oral, which I received from Fin Jacobs on half time.

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