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06-15-2014, 03:58 PM
In this thread I'll be giving a small tutorial on how to automatically download anime episodes for you.
This method works only for Torrents, I am working on getting automatic XDCC downloads working too, but so far out of luck.

Why would you automate anime download?

cause you are lazy
cause you want to see the newest episode of [enter anime title here] as soon as it comes out
cause you really are lazy, don't lie to your self
it is awesome
it is good for other people too, in a way, I'll get back to that

1. What do you need
The method I'll be describing here makes use of 2 programs and 2 websites.
https://i.imgur.com/z0E35Ds.png (http://taiga.erengy.com/)https://i.imgur.com/rEKsiry.png (http://www.utorrent.com/)

Taiga (http://taiga.erengy.com/): Taiga is an My Anime List update program, it keeps track of the anime you are currently watching, and updates the lists for you. It has also the ability to browse for torrents, we will be using that feature :)
Utorrent (http://www.utorrent.com/): UTorrent is a basic torrent download program, either torrent program will work I assume, I will just be using this one since I know it works with the automatic sorting of anime in folder system ( more on that later ).
click the names to go to there websites, where you can download both programs

https://i.imgur.com/llCwHQM.png (http://myanimelist.net/)http://haruhichan.com/static/images/logo.png (http://haruhichan.com/)

MyAnimeList (http://myanimelist.net/): My Anime List is like an online database, used to keep track of anime. You do need an account on this website.
Haruhichan (http://haruhichan.com/): We will use the RSS feed to feed Taiga torrent
click the names to go to there websites

2. Setup
If you have not yet made your account on MyAnimeList (http://myanimelist.net/) yet, it is time to do so now.

Open up Taiga (http://taiga.erengy.com/) and in the option screen, under Services, enter your MyAnimeList (http://myanimelist.net/) details.

Under Library add a new root folder for your anime using the Add new... button.

Next head over to torrents, in the tab Discovery for the RSS source feed you want to enter the RSS feed from Haruhichan (http://haruhichan.com/)
http://haruhichan.com/feed/feed.php?mode=rss for the direct link. Copy that into the RSS feed for checking new releases: box.
Also check the checkbox next to Download automatically


Under the tab Downloads, make sure the Application is set to default application associated with .torrent files
or enter the path to the .exe if you want to force another torrent program.

Location check the check boxes ( all of them) and set the anime folder to the anime folder we added previously. ( you do need utorrent for this feature )


Head over to the Filters tab, and un-check Select currently watching since we will be making a more custom filter.
Click the little + in the right bottom corner.

Select (Custom).
In the Filter name box, type a name for your filter. ( In my case My Anime Filter (1080p)
once again click the + a Edit Condition window will pop up, you will have to make 3 Conditions

Element: Anime watching status Operator: is Value: Currently watching
Element: Anime video resolution Operator: is Value: 1080p
Element: Anime episode count Operator: is greater than Value: %watched%

now for Options set the Match: to All conditions and Actions: to Select matched items.


Click Next, a new window will popup, just click Finish

Make sure your filter we just made is selected.

Click Ok

This will bring you back to the main interface of Taiga (http://taiga.erengy.com/).

If you have been using My Anime List before, you can click the Refresh button on the top.


If you have not added your watched / planning to watch / currently watching anime to the list you can use the search button on the top to do so.

Taiga (http://taiga.erengy.com/) will check the RSS feed from Haruhichan (http://haruhichan.com/) every hour, and only download anime that you are currently watching, is in 1080p and are episodes you have not seen yet.

For more information on how to use Taiga, I wrote a guide here <--- Working on that! Not finished yet.

If any questions leave a comment and I'll do my best to help you out.

I, ToastyStoemp (http://haruhichan.com/forum/member.php?2869-ToastyStoemp) have been your host, it was wonderful having you guys :3