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03-21-2017, 03:08 AM
Rep. Steve King has not yet agreed to debates with Jim Mowrer. Why? Doesn't King believe Iowans deserve to hear their ideas and views contrasted and compared?
Is King just plain petrified of Mowrer? After all, Mowrer headed up in addition to streamlined the procurement techniques that are now saving the Army $3.5 billion a year, just about all without affecting Army readiness. And for that he received the Army's third highest civilian award. Mowrer has got raised more money than Double this year, a very rare accomplishment for any challenger running towards an incumbent.
King has been doing Congress for 12 several years. How many bills has they written that have become law? Present has he said foolish stuff that have embarrassed thinking Iowans in addition to been demeaning to others? Precisely how effective has King recently been as our representative?
Just how do King and Mowrer compare about Social Security, immigration, Affordable Care Act, education, farmville farm programs, foreign affairs, taxes, spending and military plans? What are their visions for future years of our country?
Wouldn't you choose to hear what these two people that want to represent us say about these Buy Canada Goose Uk (http://www.buycanadagooseuk.nu/) and other issues? Iowans deserve these debates to assist us make an informed elect.

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