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03-21-2017, 11:10 PM
By Tiffanne Ramphal Have you ever wondered what Christmas would be like without your biological family and other loved ones? Since this is my first Christmas at Kaieteur News, I was only recently introduced to the traditions involved in ‘putting out’ our Christmas Day Edition and was encouraged to have a look at the previous years’ supplements.And it was an article published in last year’s Christmas Day Edition, written by my colleague Zena Henry, which motivated the basis for my first Christmas feature. Â*Zena’s was entitled ‘Christmas at home or abroad… Once it’s with family’. As the headline suggests,Lower Merion Jerseys (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/wholesale-lower-merion-jersey-lf-37/), it highlighted all the gushy stuff about sharing Christmas Day with family and loved ones.As a matter of fact,Jacory Harris Miami Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/hurricanes-12-jacory-harris-white-stitched-ncaa-jerseys-94-wj.html), the majority of articles appearing in Christmas Day editions over the years have expounded on the joys of sharing that ‘most-looked-forward-to day of the year’ with family members.But then a thought popped into my head… What about those without a family, those children housed in orphanages and other similar homes for the underprivileged? What is Christmas like for them? What are their hopes… their expectations? Do they wake up from the same dreams as we do on Christmas morning?That special holiday feeling usually comes just around late November or the start of December,Kirk Cousins Michigan State Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/spartans-8-kirk-cousins-green-limited-stitched-ncaa-jersey-16-qf.html), when Christmas carols begin to hit the airwaves, and of course in Georgetown we experience the (merry) traffic build-up.By this time as well, dust is being cleared from the creases and crevices of homes and bright new curtains are either bought or unpacked from that suitcase under the bed. The ingredients for that pepperpot, cake and of course the turkey are all packed into the refrigerator.It’s that time of year when the kitchen is inundated with foodstuff it has not seen all year long. And who can forget the good old ‘Home Alone’ movies that build a distinct anticipation for the season? Of course,Miami Hurricanes Jerseys (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/wholesale-miami-hurricanes-jersey-an-89/), each of these features of the season is experienced and enjoyed in the family setting.But are these experiences which bring that ‘Christmassy’ feeling enjoyed by children in institutions?Well, from my research, it appears that the difference is not very profound. I took the opportunity to speak to some of the children housed at the Care Centre located in Sophia,Kansas State Wildcats Jerseys (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/wholesale-kansas-state-wildcats-jersey-xp-38/), Greater Georgetown and found out that their hopes and expectations are actually quite similar to those of any other child – gifts (first and foremost), good food, goodies, Christmas carols, Home Alone movies (of course) and the list goes on.Gifts and food were the top two answers given by the children in response to the question “what is the best thing about Christmas.”The children also look forward to the excitement that comes with ‘decking the halls’, hanging those bright coloured decorations onto the limbs of the Christmas tree, and of course, what brings more pleasure than to be assigned the task of affixing that revered star atop the tree.As can be expected,Odell Beckham LSU Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/lsu-tigers-3-odell-beckham-jr-gridiron-gold-limited-legend-stitched-ncaa-jersey-47-by.html), they awake with more adrenaline than on any other morning; ready to completely tear apart the colourful sparkly paper containing their gifts, to see what Santa has brought them.Surely it is highly unlikely that the boxes given to them will contain cellular phones or laptop computers, as so many of us look forward to. But the presents received are no less meaningful and may fill a void in a manner that none of the more expensive gifts can for us.At the Care Centre, the gifts are not packed under the tree in the traditional manner,Mario Manningham Michigan Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/wolverines-86-mario-manningham-blue-stitched-ncaa-jersey-46-au.html), but are placed onto the beds of each child while they are asleep. This is likely because of space constraints under the Christmas tree, as the Care Centre currently houses 99.I was also told that the children usually receive more than one gift.So although Christmas without blood related family members is deemed ‘dreadful’ to some,Luke Hancock Louisville Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/cardinals-11-luke-hancock-red-basketball-stitched-ncaa-jersey-94-gy.html), ‘Christmas’ is enjoyed tremendously by the children of the Care Centre. This of course is made possible through the provisions of the Ministry of Human Services and other benevolent agencies that make tangible contributions during the festive season.Many of the children related that memories of their parents,Russ Smith Louisville Jersey (http://www.cheapjerseysquality.us.com/cardinals-2-russ-smith-red-basketball-stitched-ncaa-jersey-32-fw.html), siblings and other family members are still very much alive and they harbor dreams of one day being reunited. However they are quite contented and grateful to be part of a family circle in which they are loved, cared for and appreciated.So today, the children of the Care Centre will be enjoying all the regular treats synonymous with this occasion; tearing the wrappers off their presents, eating pepperpot and homemade bread for breakfast; stuffed turkey as the main course for lunch and black cake and ginger beer for dessert with their ‘family.’