View Full Version : Drew Stubbs Jersey said Timmons fired a shot on May 29

06-24-2017, 01:45 AM
ALBANY — A teenager who once claimed Jermayne Timmons fired a gunshot the night of 10-year-old Kathina Thomas’ death recanted his story Wednesday,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/), telling jurors, “My father told me to say that.”The about-face from the 15-year-old marked the second time in as many days a key prosecution witness admitted fabricating facts in the second-degree murder case against the 16-year-old Timmons.And it comes nearly seven months after the teenage witness, whose name is being withheld, gave statements to police and testified before a grand jury that Timmons “shot up First Street” last May 29.That night, the Guyana-born Kathina Thomas was fatally struck by a stray .45-caliber bullet outside her home on First Street near North Lake Avenue in West Hill.The teenage witness testified Wednesday that he, Timmons and 21-year-old Elijah Coleman were riding bikes around First and Judson streets that night. He now contends that while he heard a gunshot and ran down First Street,NFL Jerseys Cheap (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/), he is not sure who fired the gun. He also was hazy about his past words.“I really don’t remember. It was a really long time ago,” he testified. “I don’t even remember saying all of those things. I remember going down there.”Assistant District Attorney David Rossi showed the witness a typed statement, asking, “Does it refresh your memory as to who fired the shot?”“I don’t see that,” the witness responded.Rossi asked him to read the statement again, asking, “Does that refresh your memory?”“My father told me to say that,” the witness said, “everything in that paper.”As he testified,NFL Jerseys From China (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/), at times fidgeting, the teen witness also did not acknowledge an earlier statement he allegedly made that he, Coleman and Timmons, known as “Mayne,Wholesale China Jerseys (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/),” met up that night after the shooting. Prosecutors have said the three went to West Hill that night to avenge the shooting of the future teen witness by rivals. It was later revealed that he apparently shot himself in the foot.When Timmons’ lawyer broached the subject during cross-examination, the witness initially denied shooting himself and then admitted he had done it. Deputy Public Defender Peter Lynch asked, “Do you know what caused that scar? You got shot by your own hand, didn’t you?”“Yeah,” said the witness, fidgeting on the stand.“That wasn’t hard, was it?” Lynch mused.The witness’s admitted contradictions prompted Lynch to ask about his mental state.He asked the teen, “Have you consumed any drugs or medication today?”“No. Why are you asking me that?” the witness replied.“Do you smoke a lot of pot?” Lynch asked. “No, I don’t do drugs,” he answered back.The trial began Monday. Coleman, while testifying Tuesday, said Timmons fired a shot on May 29, but also admitted he lied twice on the witness stand.Timmons faces up to 15 years to life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder.Veteran Albany Police Detective Thomas Kubisch testified Wednesday that Timmons confessed to firing a gun and wrote an apology note to Kathina Thomas’ mother.The defense does not deny Timmons fired a weapon, but contends it was a .32-caliber. The bullet that killed the girl was from a .45-caliber gun.Lynch questioned Kubisch about his techniques while interviewing Timmons. He noted the detective can characterize the June 10 interview, conducted in a special area for juveniles, any way he chooses because it was not videotaped. He asked about use of the term “magazine,” a reference to the .45. Kubisch said that he believed that Timmons understood it was a gun with a magazine and not a “cowboy gun” revolver.The trial,Cheap Jerseys From China (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/), held before Judge Stephen Herrick,Jerseys NFL Wholesale (http://www.cheapestnfljerseys.us.com/), is set to begin again on Monday.