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06-27-2017, 01:45 AM
Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday refused to grant bail to a prominent Chinese businesswoman who overstayed her time in Guyana. The woman Giang Ping Ren,cheap nfl jerseys (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), 28, pleaded not guilty to two counts of failing to comply with immigration laws.The allegation is that the woman between April 8, 2009 and May 27, 2010, failed to comply with the condition subject to which her permit was granted. Another charge read that the woman being permitted to stay in Guyana from April 7 2009,cheap nfl jerseys china (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), to April 10, 2010, overstayed her time. She pleaded not guilty. She was represented by attorney at law Mohamed Zafar.The lawyer in his bail application said that his client resides at Lot 10 Gordon Street Kitty. He told the court that his client and her husband are a prominent business couple. He explained that his client has applied for citizenship and was supplying the Ministry of Home Affairs with additional documents which they had requested.The lawyer further told the court that due to her motherly duties she was unable to get the documents to the ministry. Police Prosecutor Stephen Telford objected to bail and told the court that the accused overstayed her time which makes her an “illegal immigrant”. The prosecutor told the court that on January 29, 2009,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), she came to Guyana to conduct feasibility studies on coconut craft products.The prosecutor said instead the woman got married, had a child and opened a business with her husband. Telford said that based on the application at the Ministry of Home Affairs,jerseys nfl wholesale (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), an application was made and it was granted. However the woman never renewed the application when it expired.He said subsequent checks were made by immigration and it was discovered that she had overstayed her time in the country.The woman’s lawyer interjected and said his client indeed conducted the feasibility studies,wholesale jerseys china (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), but could not have continued because it was not profitable. The woman was nevertheless remanded to prison.However almost thirty minutes after the magistrate denied bail, the woman retained the services of Attorney at law Robert Corbin. He again made a bail application on behalf of the woman. According to Corbin,cheap nfl jerseys online (http://www.cheapjerseysnear.us.com/), an application for an extension was at the Criminal Investigation Department which they are considering. He asked the court to take into consideration that the woman has a young baby. He said that the court has verified that she has a fixed place of abode and also has prominent businesses around Georgetown. He asked the magistrate to act in the humanitarian way and grant the woman bail.In response to the lawyer’s submissions, the prosecutor said that he was still standing to his old application. The prosecutor said that bail should not be granted to an illegal immigrant. “Granting her bail is very risky” said the prosecutor. He further said that if the police did not have evidence they would never have instituted a charge. According to the prosecutor the Ministry of Home Affairs wrote the police stating that the defendant was in the country illegally. The magistrate refused to overturn her decision. Giang Ping Ren is expected to make another court appearance on Friday.