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06-30-2017, 08:32 PM
The old saying that “hell hath no fury than a woman’s scorn” was aptly manifested yesterday when an abused woman led police to the illegal gun that her reputed husband had threatened her with.The man made the mistake and fell asleep after committing the act,Omar Infante Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Detroit-Tigers-Cyber-Monday-Omar-Infante-Jersey-Black-Friday/), leaving the terrified woman with ample time to contact the police.It was early morning when the police swooped down on the Buxton,Kurt Suzuki Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Atlanta-Braves-Cyber-Monday-Kurt-Suzuki-Jersey-Black-Friday/), East Coast Demerara house and recovered a 9mm pistol,Philadelphia Phillies Howie Kendrick Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Philadelphia-Phillies-Cyber-Monday-Howie-Kendrick-Jersey-Black-Friday/), which was stashed in a washing machine.Police in a press release yesterday stated that during investigations into a report of threats,Tampa Bay Rays Colby Rasmus Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Tampa-Bay-Rays-Cyber-Monday-Colby-Rasmus-Jersey-Black-Friday/), “the police conducted a search on a house at Cummings Street, Buxton at about 00:10 hour,Edwin Encarnacion Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Cleveland-Indians-Cyber-Monday-Edwin-Encarnacion-Jersey-Black-Friday/), during which they found an unlicensed 9mm Glock pistol.Â* A man has been arrested and is in police custody.”This newspaper was told that the woman and the man had parted ways sometime last week, with the man moving out of the home they were sharing.However, he returned on Monday night with the weapon and reportedly threatened to shoot the woman.He remained at the house where he fell asleep after stashing the weapon.The terrified woman who saw where he had hidden the weapon, waited until he was fast asleep,Cincinnati Reds Scott Feldman Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Cincinnati-Reds-Cyber-Monday-Scott-Feldman-Jersey-Black-Friday/), sneaked out of the house and made her way to the Vigilance Police Station where she reported what had transpired.She subsequently took ranks to her house where the suspect was awakened and to his shock, he was taken to the washing machine.Police said that the suspect is not immediately known for any crime but checks are still being made to see if the weapon is linked to criminal activity.