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11-08-2014, 11:07 PM

What is AnimeXDCCWatcher?

AnimeXDCCWatcher is an application developed by myself which lets users easily watch anime without having to take a few steps before they actually can start watching.
You can compare it with PopcornTime / Time4Popcorn, but the way it works is different, but I will explain that later on. It offers a simple, a bit ugly plain gui, which is usable.
On the main page it shows the covers of all anime currently airing or anime which are going to be aired in the future.

New version 0.3.0 out, new GUI! Recommended is to download the complete pack which contains the covers and anime information for all currently airing anime(fall 2014)

http://img4.uplood.fr/free/thumbnails/g4ah_animexdccwatcherguichange.jpg (http://www.uplood.net/visu.php?url=http://img4.uplood.fr/free/g4ah_animexdccwatcherguichange.jpg)

How do you use it?

New tutorial on its way!

Some things have changed in the latest version. Which I will explain down below.

GUI update:

Put the content from the archive in a map you chose.
Make sure you have an MyAnimeList account, you can register here: http://myanimelist.net/register.php
First launch can take a while, recommended is to download the complete package(including covers\info about all currently airing animes). Retrieving can take up to 5 minutes!
When launching the program, you need to login into your MyAnimeList account.
Click on a cover.
Wait a few seconds until a dropdown list appears where you select the bot you want to download/stream from.
when a bot is chosen, buttons appear for every episode available on the bot for the choosen anime.
Hit a button with the episode you want! Your episode will start playing within seconds.
When there are no bots listed, you need to specify a synonym, a synonym should be the name a subgroup gives their releases for the anime without any weird characters like (_, - , :, /, etc..)
(like horriblesubs(and others) using Fairy Tail S2 instead Fairy Tail (2014)). You only have to do it once. It will save the synonym. NOT AVAILABLE IN v0.3.0, READDED IN v0.3.1[\B]

All episodes are saved in the downloads folder, the episodes will not be deleted when you finish watching one, meaning you will have to manually remove the episode/episodes.
Same goes for the covers of your search query. Although they do not take much space, it might be handy to remove them from time to time.
Thats it.


Shows all currently airing and future airing animes on startup.
Choose from multiple bots
Choose from multiple subgroups(available on the bot you selected)
v0.2.0 Search option added, you can now search for whatever anime you want, as long its available on xdcc.
v0.2.0 Option to select your own mediaplayer!
v0.3.0 No seperate third party irc client needed anymore!
v0.3.0 New gui which is modify-able(html) though some things are required, tutorial follows!

Possible Future Features:

Tutorial for mediaplayer / add open source program for upnp/dlna support busy
Auto MAL updater (update when you hit the Play Episode button)
definately a better looking gui(christmas holiday propably) done
index already downloaded episodes(christmas holiday propably)
Optional: torrent function - i would rather not add it(XDCC is more reliable)
New name XD, current name sucks.

Why make this?

I always am to lazy to look every xdcc command up for every episode I want to watch and copy paste them in my irc client and locating the file etc, etc.., yeah, its easy, but it can be easier. Then I found out about PopcornTime, and then I knew... I had to create something like that for anime.

Some important stuff:

v0.3.0 requires Internet explorer 9 or higher installed(gui uses webbrowser embedded in application window)!
I (RareAMV) am not responsible for whatever happens when you use my program.
This program is an very early early W.I.P. program, so bugs/crashes or weird things can happen(It will not harm your pc!).
Updates will appear at random times, so you might want to bookmark this post if you are interested. I do not have much time, so I don't have release dates or anything like that.
If you do not agree to this, then just don't use it.
Any feedback or questions can be stated down below.


First version -> 0.1.0
Bug fixes:

When HydraIRC somehow is not able to connect or download a file, after closing it and hitting Play Episode, that crash is fixed.
When filename for fate/stay night uses ? instead / the file wouldn't play, now it will.
Some bots didnt work before, now they do, propably :).

New features:

Now added an synonym system, when anime names from mal were not the same as used by releasegroups, no bots and episodes were found for it. Now you can add synonyms and it will search for bots for every synonym you give for the specific anime.

0.1.0 -> 0.1.1
Bug fixes:

Forgot to update a part of code which lets HydraIRC join a channel, i used #horriblesubs before but #new has more bots, if not all, so all bots should properly work now!

0.1.1 -> 0.2.0
Bug fixes:

Not much, some bugs occurred when I was adding the new features, but they might not happen with the old version.

Known Bugs:

When selecting your media player for the first time, its saved wrong, causing player not to launch on play button press.(re-selecting mediaplayer solves it!)
Could crash while selecting another episode to play!
dropdown menu would not properly replace itself on selecting different bot!
dropdown menus would change postion to the right of the screen when resizing!

New features:

Search function!
Option to use your own mediaplayer!
New background color! (Still ugly though!)

0.2.0 -> 0.3.0
Bug fixes:

Known bugs from v0.2.0 (propably)fixed

Known Bugs:

Synonym system not working! will be back in v0.3.1
Some covers won't work correctly(anime detail page will be empty) but dropdown menu for bots and episodes could appear

New features:

Better looking GUI(in my opinion) which is modify-able! (Internet Explorer 9 or higher required!)
New irc client embedded into program(no need to download or install it, it comes build in): https://github.com/RareAMV/CMD-IRC


AnimeXDCCWatcher First Release: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k6slrl8q7jck7r8/AnimeXDCCWatcher.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8258c97r9ydts78/AnimeXDCCWatcher_0.1.0.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/jynucy3cj24825c/AnimeXDCCWatcher_0.1.1.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.2.0 (Without Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) (1 MB): http://www.mediafire.com/download/rh1hl5xvejhavbn/AnimeXDCCWatcher_0.2.0.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.2.0 (With Media Player Classic - Home Cinema) (15 MB): http://www.mediafire.com/download/pdt6tk5i8t5u9jm/AnimeXDCCWatcher(MPC)_0.2.0.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.3.0 (Light*) (1 MB): http://www.mediafire.com/download/77dt818air4g71l/AnimeXDCCWatcher_v0.3.0_Light.zip

AnimeXDCCWatcher v0.3.0 (Complete**) (6 MB): http://www.mediafire.com/download/o1ihvdge436e9xe/AnimeXDCCWatcher_v0.3.0_Complete.zip

Source code(only latest version): https://github.com/RareAMV/AnimeXDCCWatcher (https://github.com/RareAMV/AnimeXDCCWatcher/)

* retrieving currently airing anime will happen on startup after login, takes around 5 minutes, but it will work for sure.
** Contains cover+anime info for all currently airing anime from fall 2014, step described above will be skipt so direct use, but it could not work.

Some info which might come in handy:

To watch an 480p episode which size should normally be around 180 mb, you need a stable 150 + kb/s download speed, thats around 1.5 Mbps
To watch an 720p episode which size should normally be around 330 mb, you need a stable 300 + kb/s download speed, thats around 3 Mbps.
To watch an 1080p episode which size should normally be around 600 mb, you need a stable 500 + kb/s download speed, thats around 5 Mbps.

All these filesizes are normally the file size Horriblesubs releases in, but they can be bigger sometimes. For best performance i suggest around 1000 kb/s download speed(10 Mbps).
If your download speed is about the same as the speeds mentioned above, then I wouldnt suggest to start fast forwarding the episode or skip parts of it!

A question for you all!

As you can read in the future feature list, my AnimeXDCCWatcher needs a new name. Atleast, that is what I think it needs. If you guys can come up with some names I would gladly consider using them. At least as simple as possible but still a name which reflects what this program does(in some way).

So, thanks in advance for considering helping me out!

11-09-2014, 01:14 PM
I'm pretty sure we're working with PopcornTime to bring anime to their program. I'll let s0beit decide what to do with these threads. Also if you are going to post a program to advertise, at least include the source.

11-09-2014, 05:56 PM
I'm pretty sure we're working with PopcornTime to bring anime to their program. I'll let s0beit decide what to do with these threads. Also if you are going to post a program to advertise, at least include the source.

Oh i didnt know, i will setup a github quickly for now, im sorry for being a tad faster :) are you guys gonna use irc to? would be awesome, dont have much time to polish my program since my study is getting bussy^^

11-11-2014, 02:23 AM
Oh i didnt know, i will setup a github quickly for now, im sorry for being a tad faster :) are you guys gonna use irc to? would be awesome, dont have much time to polish my program since my study is getting bussy^^

IRC for what? Bringing anime to PopcornTime? Nope.

11-11-2014, 08:53 AM
I am not really sure but, to me it looks like you are a bit annoyed that I put this here, is that because you guys were planning to do something like this to? If not why then? Well, i mean, you already said you were trying to bring anime to PopcornTime, but they use torrents. So I asked if there is going to be an option for XDCC, but I guess that was a stupid question... And that is why my program is different from popcorntime, I just do not like torrents that much. Or are you irritated because I am advertising here? If that is the case, I suggest you put in the rules that this is not allowed. I will gladly remove it by then. Or did i misinterpret the way you said things(I am sorry if that is the case)?