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07-08-2017, 01:34 PM
Nine –year-old Farzad Khan,New York Yankees Chris Carter Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/New-York-Yankees-Cyber-Monday-Chris-Carter-Jersey-Black-Friday/), is now a patient of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after being struck by a pickup truck shortly after lunch yesterday at Broad and Ketley Streets,San Diego Padres Erick Aybar Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/San-Diego-Padres-Cyber-Monday-Erick-Aybar-Jersey-Black-Friday/), Charlestown.According to eyewitnesses,Kurt Suzuki Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Atlanta-Braves-Cyber-Monday-Kurt-Suzuki-Jersey-Black-Friday/), the child was making his way across Broad Street on a pedestrian crossing, when a speeding pick-up slammed into him.Kaieteur News was also told that upon realizing that he hit the boy,Travis Shaw Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Milwaukee-Brewers-Cyber-Monday-Travis-Shaw-Jersey-Black-Friday/), the driver of the vehicle attempted to flee the scene. However, several donkey cart operators confronted him,Neftali Feliz Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Milwaukee-Brewers-Cyber-Monday-Neftali-Feliz-Jersey-Black-Friday/), took away the keys to his vehicle,Baltimore Orioles Michael Bourn Jersey (http://www.baseballonline.us.com/Baltimore-Orioles-Cyber-Monday-Michael-Bourn-Jersey-Black-Friday/), and summoned the police.The child was then rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state. As of last evening the boy was said to be in a stable condition.