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08-01-2017, 04:54 PM
Westerners to view from afar the desolation of Soviet Russia, Cuba and other nations that went socialist during the last century,www.amassdenver.com (http://www.amassdenver.com/), or to muse over oil-rich Venezuela being flat broke due to hard-line socialist policies – but the foregoing declines have struck too close to home for comfort.

With regard to the opening paragraphs and concepts of evil and enmity: Most people can recognize evil when they see it; obviously,air jordans for cheap (http://www.amassdenver.com/), this holds true even among societies in which leftist moral relativism abounds. There is a danger to the excising and modification of language in that it smacks of the Orwellian – the politically correct moral relativism, social engineering and borderline mind control so often employed by socialists. They’ve even gone so far as to modify or negate such terms as “good” and “evil” to advance amorality and secure political gains.

Increasing numbers of those who have known liberty under Western constitutions and democratic republics are coming to realize that a chief consequence of this strategy has been an erosion of their liberties and a decline in their quality of life – which I suppose breathes new life into the axiom referencing not being able to fool all of the people all of the time,amassdenver.com (http://www.amassdenver.com/).

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