View Full Version : Auto organization and download from XDCC?

09-16-2015, 10:23 PM
Hey there everyone,

I've been trying out several different programs to automatically download anime from XDCC bots on Rizon and I don't think I've found the perfect one yet.

I'm looking for something that will auto download when a new release comes out. Kind of like Sonarr, but for anime. I use Sonarr for usenets but the anime support isn't quite there yet. So I was wondering how everyone else was doing it?

A couple I've tried for just auto download series are pydcc, xdcc-hq, slingxdcc and Pururin. They work great but I'm looking for something with a nice web interface if possible. Been looking into building my own but it seems to be quite complex with XDCC.

Would be great to hear what others are using!