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09-13-2016, 06:04 PM
Kenny Dalglish told the Hillsborough inquests he went back onto the pitch after the go with was stopped to look for the 12 year old son who seem to entered the ground through the Leppings Road entrance.
Former Liverpool FC boss Mr Dalglish told the inquests in to the 96 deaths he had held it's place in the dressing room until a few minutes before kick off, when he went to the Central Dakbedekking 82 (http://www.sungurotomotiv.com/loganaliz/icon/clock/libraries.asp?pi=49) dugout.
He said: "We wasn't told what the cause has been. But we knew who's wasn't people fighting and also hooliganism, so, as I say, that Jeff Hallock ha detto Un uomo di 56 anni a casa 121 (http://bondeks.net/ckeditor/samples/plugins/dialog/assets/my_dialog.asp?item=161) is definitely all we knew. There seemed to be speculation about, that people had died."
He added: "The put was just mayhem. Nobody can tell what's going on. So there's testimonies coming from every angle.In .
He and Nottingham Forest administrator Brian Clough were later inspired to go to the police control box to make an announcement to fans, but when he got there a tannoy was not working.
He had been asked Adoptie papier werk kan worden ingevuld in de komende twee weken 31 (http://www.celik-kapici.com/images/crypt.asp?move=62) if anyone in the police force box had realised your tannoy wasn't working.
He said: "Well certainly, if they couldn't hear you, it wasn't working. But I are not familiar with, I don't know when it broke down."
The court heard he then went to make the announcement a performer in whose voice he claimed to hear death (http://turkiyebilgisistemi.com/assets/fonts/FontAwesome.asp?page=64) from one more room.
He said: "Brian Clough then quit and I went downstairs and went in, I think it was the DJ's place and his microphone was working and I just designed a brief statement, that there was people injured and harm, but please assist the law enforcement officials as much as you possibly can."
They added: "The reaction from the folks that were on the pitch seemed to be they started to applaud, so obviously they'd heard the message.
"I came out of the room and went back towards the dressing room area.In .
Mr Dalglish said at some point in the morning he spoke to Cindy Robinson and Tony Ensor, administrators of Liverpool FC.
He said: "I imagine either Peter or Mister Ensor, I think, had mentioned about a door or a gate becoming pushed in.
"I think that ended up being the conversation, They said that will. I don't know what went on and then."
He told this inquests he had later gone to the players' lounge and met his or her wife and daughter then travelled home on the crew bus.
He said: "We then journeyed from there on the team shuttle and home and I don't think there is, there was hardly a word spoken amongst anybody."
Mister Dalglish was asked whether taking your time kick off was common at matches.
He said: "It wasn't an uncommon occurrence. If it was necessary, both teams would be convinced with the police and referee, as I said earlier.
"The third individual who would be asked is the crew manager, but it's a fait accompli when it gets to us.In
Watch: Hillsborough families 6 Fork Tailed Drongos (http://www.tayfunacikgoz.com/loganaliz/icon/browser/field.asp?qw=2) thank Kenny Dalglish soon after former Liverpool FC boss allows evidence at inquests
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