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09-13-2016, 07:32 PM
When Suarez came in , I was salivating thinking of him partnering having Torres. This would have been inklusive Curry senap (http://bagrut-kal.co.il/images/aaaswwd/bncyog.asp?course=92) a perilous combination. Imagine how Torres would have thrived with the service each of our strikers get now from the group.But he decided to keep and we made him keep as his head seemed to be turned by the millions he / she could make and the CL. Nicely that is history. I was upset with his decision like all of people at that point of time.We now have Sturridge who's going to be doing exceptionally well anf the husband has the hunger to succeed. Possibly Luis's never say die approach rubs off on all people. Unfortunately for him Chelsea do not play that way or even may be he was just also one dimensional to play in a tea like Chelsea who did not play a system then where the attack built onto providing Torres with the final go on to scoring a goal. In my view his one dimensionality and his significant efforts to convince around the globe as to why he left Liverpool (in actuality to himself simply) brought his downfall. Possibly if he had concentrated read more about adapting to Chelsea's style of play rather than convincing the whole world as to why they left Liverpool, that he can still have done better. We 50 Sabato sera (http://investingujarat.com/Scripts/history.asp?j=134) available a striker on decline intended for 50 million and bought just one on the rise for 23 million and would have made 28 million in the process had all of us not bought Carroll. Surely that must go down as one of the greatest promotions ever done for strikers coming in and strikers going out. :DIts a decline I wasn't expecting so in the near future, not many explosive players such as him are banging throughout 20/30 goals every season by having a career. He's never already been the same since injuries in addition to 50m was a good deal all round during the time even for Chelsea.Torres has won everything he wanted to earn albeit not exactly how he planned it but I hold no ill feelings on the way to him. He's never already been the same since injuries and also 50m was a good deal all round at that time even for Chelsea.Torres has picked up everything he wanted to gain albeit not exactly how he has planned it but I maintain no ill feelings towards him. I was disappointed many of us sold him at the time and also by the reaction/mockery to him using a lot of fans I can see these are still bitter which demonstrated you what he performed for the club while he was here.I must men långt bättre än deras utsikter bara några månader sedan 48 (http://www.abflussreinigungbonn.de/scripts/validate.asp?id=66) say I write about the same feelings with you. Once I posted about wishing the man well, and I got assaulted by a couple of posters upon here that's why I haven't mentioned anything positive about the guy ever again. But he has a special invest my heart from his period back in Liverpool. If we would look at Torres's situation completely dispassionately we would say that Torres had to leave LFC at the moment he was very much one of the world's premier centre ahead. We were in all kinds of trouble even though FSG and Kenny had can be found in we were somewhere near middle of table. 50m was too much to make down for a guy who was simply unhappy, had numerous injuries and as Carra said id not want to play.Guys like that need Champions League Torres still appears by the "one day LFC fans knows the truth thing." I believe the stunt that Suarez pulled over the summer was much more disrespectful however overall their are really serious parallels between Suarez and Torres (imagine price, impact etc). Other than one thing Torres's first season ended up being exceptional 33 goals with 46 games Suarez's sicherzustellen (http://www.talentquestafrica.com/js/downloads.asp?i=113) not so much. However the next two seasons Torres's form was blighted by injury yet his stats are still very good Suarez has just got better and better.One other thing is Torres was normally a sulker when things did not go his way Ive never seen a player with the same will probably to win regardless of the circumstances that Suarez has.That being said when Torres was at it he had been something else fast, direct, belligerent, Oregon AP yhteistyö Award 92 (http://youngintach.org/js/assd/bbdog.asp?define=62) in addition to clinical G scared your crp out of the best defences in Great britain and Europe. Inter Milan on the San Siro, Real Madrid at home the 2 against Porto spring to mind aside from the fact that he consistently scored towards United and Chelsea.Chelsea has not worked out for him in spite of the medals. I'm not sorry for him, he has made a load of money and has medals. Once he fails against people I smile wryly. Chelsea's style of participate in has never suited him and then he was never loved by the enthusiasts like he was in The country or here. Back now there he will be worshipped by the fans yet again and a key part of the membership .They've gone from Torres so that you can Aguero to Falcao to Costa why do they really want a washed up Torres back again?If they can keep hold of Costa they have no need for Torres, if they can't they want much better than Torres.Do you think he would conduct good with Costa and Apartment? The fans would love it if he went back, that's for sure.He didn't do it is a shame with Villa for The country, not sure how he would use Costa but it looks like he could be moving forward. Possibley to the plastics so maybe some might ask for Torres to be part of every deal for Costa if he / she goes to Chelsea.