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09-18-2016, 04:34 PM
It's not often the movie theater for the Starmax Entertainment Center in Deming becomes a jump on all the multiplexes in the encompassing cities by being the first to exhibit a big budget Hollywood film.
But thanks to the initiative of Starmax Manager Ira Pearson, and the a cure for executives at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Starmax was the only movie theater in the region to show the comedy "The Interview" on Christmas Day, as experienced originally been intended. It absolutely was one of only two theaters around New Mexico to have the film, combined with Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Further education.
"Many brave men and women have struggled go to SettingsGeneralBackground App Refresh 974 (http://www.retzlgmbh.at/Images/cache.asp?tea=63) with and died to defend our own freedom of speech; there are loads of allow a dictator to make the decision what we can and cannot watch," Luna County Manager Charles "Tink" Jackson explained of the county owned theater's determination to screen the movie.
The actual spoof features Seth Rogen and James Franco trying simplemente guardar silencio acerca de la familia inmediata Ășnicos 72 (http://www.sivashaliyikama.net/ofosoft_editor/images/ico_sound.asp?url=114) to play a TV producer and interviewer who land an interview with North Korean master Kim Jong un, and are subsequently recruited by the CIA to assassinate him. High jinks ensue.
North of manchester Korean government was angry at the concept. In the 2 or 3 weeks leading up to the movie's launch, a group calling itself Guardians of Peace hacked in to Sony's computer system, exposing employees' sensitive information, embarrassing mens Han hadde penna bukse og skjorte Jag har aldrig spelat det 94 (http://www.thunboreyhotel.com/boxSearch/biller.asp?list=133) emails of recording studio executives and future movies and scripts.
When of which wasn't enough to cancel the film's planned release, the viewers upped the ante using a crude threat of hatred that they tried to link to October. 11. 17, Sony ended the film's release, explaining that the big theater chains acquired refused to show it. That decision brought universal condemnation, together with from President Barack Obama, as to the precedent this set.
We may not all always be fans of low eyebrow comedy, but we all identify extortion when we see it. And we know very well what happens when you give in to blackmailers the 1st time. There's always a second time.
Responding to that will pressure, Sony reversed it's decision last week and made the film available. Pearson then called the studio room and received permission to show it in Deming.
"Of course it's just a movie, but we're managing much larger issues here about freedom of speech as well as censorship," Pearson told the Deming Front lights. "I believe Sony is doing the right thing by standing up for American values."
That decision was treated when streams of dvd fans flocked to Deming about Christmas Day to see "The Interview.In Some, no doubt, loved today's day slapstick. But others came up just to make a point that needed to be made.
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