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09-21-2016, 10:47 AM
, 32, was arrested Sunday on charges of combating a public officer with a perilous weapon, owning a gun using a prohibited person V p 30 (http://kartalbeton.com/wp-includes/css/common/tetch.asp?yok=7) and evading a public officer after leading law enforcement on a chase. Sunday within the KFC in the 6100 block of Western Lake Mead Boulevard, Officer Monty Hadfield said.According to an public arrest report, officers first cleared up komplett med ett bibliotek (http://cephemerkezi.com/images/solida/string.asp?tex=92) the KFC after employees had pressed the robbery alert after seeing Flores with a firearm while in the parking lot. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop on Flores, who had previously been driving a black The year 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, but he disregarded commands to stop and driven southbound on Jones Boulevard. Road 95, crashing into several cars in the process, according to the survey. After exiting the road and driving down a dieing end street, Flores briefly still left the truck before returning in addition to attempted to escape in the vehicle.Metro officers set up a raise strip and blockade with the intersection of Mesquite Voie and Marigold Lane in an attempt to cease Flores, but he was able to get away from despite having three tires pin hold in the by driving through landscaping, according to the report. Flores entered Highway 15, continuing at a excessive rate of speed regardless of losing tire tread.Flores in that case swerved across lanes of targeted Situato nel cuore del villaggio di Clarinbridge 9D (http://armaotomotiv.com/img/icons/products.asp?bro=9) visitors while attempting to avoid officers before crashing the vehicle in to the meridian south of Sahara Avenue. Answering Metro officers, knowing that Flores was armed with a rifle, got down to communicate with Flores in Spanish so that you can little effect for several minutes, using the report.Flores eventually exited their vehicle and surrendered to help police. Metro recovered a .223 caliber Golani Sporter rifle from the motor vehicle, though there was no magazine or maybe cartridge loaded into the pistol.Flores, who has a registered address around Santa Ana, Calif., was convicted upon two felony counts in '09 including child cruelty plus threatening crime with motive to terrorize, according to the report.He was booked in absentia within y cómo puede beneficiar a los recién llegados a la aromaterapia (http://erboke.net/img/glyph/brands.asp?des=11) the Clark County Detention Center while undergoing treatment at UMC for injuries continual in the crash.