Editor's note: In advance of Balloons on the Prairie, press reporter Erin Wood got a unique examine the countryside from the bag of a hot air balloon. But when you're gliding above the sun with a view for a long way, all fear dissipates."It's similar to a bubble in the air," claimed pilot Dan Reusch of Oregon, Timberlands Uk Mo. "There's not much to it."I found up with Dan and co pilot Mike Harrel of Supreme Adventure Balloons just after sunrise Sunday in a field off The state of illinois Route 91. It was prime flying weather. But just to guarantee, Dan released a small helium filled party balloon. That was to Duvetica Sale come. But any open territory would do. Dan, a licensed pilot Peuterey Coats to fly aircraft, not just balloons won my self confidence."I go up just about every time it's flyable or close to it,In . he said. "Probably about 90 as well as 100 times a year."The a couple pilots lowered the Seven hundred and fifty pound basket from the bed of a pickup truck and unraveled saving money, white and blue, Eighty-five foot long balloon. Right after attaching some rods along with cables, they set up a admirer at the mouth of the increase and occasionally sent a burst of spicey propane into the spacious starting. Seconds later, we were hanging what seemed like mere foot above a cornfield. Then, whoosh. Aside from a little stench, gliding 10 mph on a 120,000 cubic 12 inches balloon is pretty relaxing. Henry, on the other end of the radio, informed Dan that would be a fine area to land, and down many of us went. Much faster than takeoff. Scott rolled up in the truck and also trudged through the foot long grass to the Moncler Kids balloon. And we have been in the air again. Sort of. The base of the basket grazed a grass and was just high enough for Mike to guide that to the truck. Just like that, Parajumpers Bomber Jacket we were walking on solid ground again. With a combined attempt, the balloon was back in their bag and on the truck bed. A gallon of lp costs about $2.50, way up about 50 cents out of this time last year. Balloons burn about 30 to 50 gallons of gas per flight, depending on the weight in the basket."This year, we to turn some balloons away," said coordinator Kent Robson. "We deal with the cost of propane, and this 12 months especially, that's really expensive."Nevertheless, he said the fundraiser reaping benefits for OSF Hospice likely will draw more than 20,000 people today."We think it's a great family theme," he said. "Sitting on the grass, watching the balloons.