Five Things to Watch When Thinking Alexandria VA Real Estate--------------------Whenconsidering real estate in Alexandria VA,cheap nfl jerseys, there are 5 important things toconsider. Foremost is location. The other four things are directly connectedto the nature of the economy and real estate market. As a real estate professional,cheap nfl jerseys china, Ive summarizedthose points for you in this short article. Whenthinking Alexandriareal estate there are certain things that you need to watch and be informedabout.1.Location, location, locationThe famous phrase is well familiar to almost anyone in the world. The majorityof Alexandria Virginia home owners and potential purchasers prefer propertiesthat are near reputable schools, provide easy commute and offer features thatare necessity to the nowadays human being garage space(s),wholesale authentic nfl jerseys, more closet space,contemporary look and layout.2.Practical is in demandThe slow Alexandria economy is influencinghome design. Surveys show that more home owners are favoring smaller spacesthat are often less expensive to maintain. There is also an increased demandfor flexible informal layouts, more practicality throughout the home. There hasbeen a drop in upscale property enhancements. At the same time businessesfinally improving at residential architecture firms, with quarterly billingsincrease for the first time since 2007.3.Fannie Mae takes aim at strategic defaultsAlexandria VA borrowers with a Fannie Mae-backedmortgage who engage in a strategic default will not be eligible for anotherFannie Mae-backed loan for seven years. Fannie will also seek deficiencyjudgments against borrowers if allowed by state law. Strategic defaults aredefaults by borrowers who have the capacity to pay but dont,cheap nfl jerseys china, or who dontcomplete a workout alternative in good faith.4.How much shadow inventory is out there?About 2.4 million properties are considered part of the shadow inventorynationwide, according to NAR. Not counted are delinquent properties whoseowners are trying to modify their mortgage or delinquent properties that arealready on the market as short sales or foreclosure sales. On the positive side,banks are releasing inventory methodically rather than dumping them at once,which can result in depressed Alexandria homeprices.5.AlexandriaJumbo loans more availableA year ago, even the most creditworthy borrowers in Alexandria VAstruggled to secure home loans of more than $729,500(Jumbo Loans). Those loansare backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But since this spring,cheap nfl jerseys paypal, theinterest-rate spread between conforming and jumbo loans has narrowed and thenumbers of lenders offering the loans has jumped. As of late July,where to buy cheap nfl jerseys, 2010,lenders were offering jumbo loans at about 5.5% compared to 7% a year earlier.NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun said that sales of homes priced at $750,000 orhigher jumped 30 percent from mid-2009 nationwide.Do youknow if it is the right time to buy or sell Alexandria VAproperty? Is it better to own or rent? Foreclosure rates are historically highand you can take advantage of this! At????????