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Thread: Rules, Guides and everything else you need to read first

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    Default Rules, Guides and everything else you need to read first

    1. Rules for this section of the forums

    • No pictures of vulgar activities, what you do with your products in your own time is nobody's business.
    • Despite what I said above, this board is NOT "Safe for Work", Doujinshi, Manga and Figures may be posted with with pornographic content or vulgar activities. Deal with it.
    • Do not post websites NOT on the list of approved sellers, if you want one added you can post in this thread.
    • Do not beg for content from: including but not limited to, DVDs/BDs/Light Novels/Manga that people post. They'll post it if they feel like it.
    • This is the "Japanese Culture" section of the forum, please keep that in mind and do not post things unrelated to Japan. (For example, video game collections [VNs aside], bottle collections, stamp collections. Be sensible people.)

    2. Approved Sellers (Don't post sales outside of this list, or you may be given an infraction)

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