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Thread: The Simple Anime Downloading Guide

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    Default The Simple Anime Downloading Guide

    Now, I'm no expert in the field of downloading shit. Please fuck off if you think this is too simple, or if there are better ways to do it, I don't really care.

    There are two (good) ways to download anime

    • Torrents
    • XDCC

    Anything else is generally a waste of time or money. There's actually a popular, good third option which is usenet, but it usually costs money or is offered free with your ISP in some cases. I don't have it, so I won't cover it.

    1. Torrents

    What you'll need (to obtain anything you want)
    • µTorrent - You can download older versions if you're worried about them "tracking" you, but, any rumors or speculation surrounding them tracking what you download is just that. It's a bunch of freetard paranoia, ignore it and just get it. It's the best client out there.
    • Haruhichan - Gigantic selection of on-going anime as well as finished airing anime. Latest shows should have a decent amount of seeds. Always aim to download batches of older series, not single episodes. Single episodes are there for the XDCC feature.
    • bakabt account - Gigantic selection of anime with plenty of seeds, requires that you maintain a ratio that isn't horrible, but even still it's pretty lenient. Only good for anime which has finished airing.
    • account - (Optional, but it's good if you want the licensed stuff that bakabt doesn't have) Same as bakabt, but they're stricter on ratios. Keep up a healthy ratio. Getting an account isn't easy, you have to fill in a stupid survey and they have to approve you. Only good for anime which has finished airing.
    • mIRC or XChat or some IRC client - Optional, the Haruhichan bot on (#haruhichan) will PM you new releases in real-time, so you can grab them quickly. This is usually only good for new, daily releases and it really isn't all that good if you're looking for an anime which isn't currently airing.

    µTorrent - Cute isn't it?!?

    Torrents are really very simple, you simply download the torrent file, double click the file and µTorrent will open, select the options you want and you're all good to go.

    The resources for obtaining anime is covered above, and getting a bakabt account is really very simple and so is searching, I don't think a guide is required for that. Same goes for AnimeBytes. However, I'll cover a little bit of the IRC related stuff since that is not as clear.

    2. XDCC

    Alternatively see

    What you'll need

    Obtain IRC, once it's opened, in the input window type:
    once it's all connected,
    /join #haruhichan

    Then, you need to register your nickname to avoid unnecessary issues.
    /msg nickserv register password email

    replacing "password" with the password you want and "email" with your own email account. This must be a valid email, it can't be fake. Then you need to follow the instructions NickServ gives you to activate the account. Once activated you need to login!
    /msg nickserv identify password

    Remember, your nickname is tied to this password. You can't use another nickname for two reasons
    1. Nickserv won't know who you are
    2. Neither will the Haruhichan bot

    Please choose a unique nickname and stick with it.

    This guide is going to be a repost of our guide here. Hope you enjoy it.

    So you must have noticed the awesome XDCC feature over on the main site. Now you’re wondering how what it is? XDCC (Xabi DCC or eXtended DCC) is a computer file sharing method which uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network as a host service. You can read more about it here.
    First you will need an IRC client, mIRC works fine. We will be using as the server.
    Now lets config the client (ALT + O to open options):

    Once you’ve done this, lets try it out! Now go to any anime page on Haruhichan. Pick an anime you want to download via XDCC. I will use Acchi Kocchi as an example.

    see the XDCC search button? choose which episode you want and click it. I want episode 5 by commie, so I click the XDCC Search button for that episode.

    A window like this should appear, now click any of the releases to grab the code.

    The ‘/msg Aho-da xdcc send #2347′ should be highlighted when you click a release, copy it and paste it into your client and hit enter (You can type it anywhere, status window, pm box or any channel) We are using mIRC as an example here.

    Once pasted into your client, you should get a message like this. Click accept.

    Now you can finally enjoy and abuse the new feature!Picture guide:

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    Brilliant, perfect for new guys.
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    What about bittorrent :C

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    usenet master race can download everything

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    Quote Originally Posted by desg View Post
    usenet master race can download everything
    I knew you would say that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeeAyGee View Post
    What about bittorrent :C

    Any torrent client will work with torrents. uTorrent was just an example they gave.

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    I think i will try the XDCC, never heard of it

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    Excellent guide.
    Might I add the following though that is another good site to get the torrents and that haruhichan links to it on their download page as well as to the xdcc you mentioned.

    If anyone has issues with utorrent working properly, try the qbittorrent clone. In addition, it is open source. utorrent is no longer open source.

    I personally run transmission on a CentOS server. Their web interface has everything I need.

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    Unfortunately I can never utilize the RSS feed feature from Haruhichan into my torrent client. Comes up with "not a valid bencoding". Anyone knows a work around that uses the RSS feed features on there torrent client?

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    The RSS feed thing is something I'm planning to fix in time.

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