–Â*Â* Â*Accounts clerks, guards detained Â*Police are grilling four employees of local hardware giant, Toolsie Persaud Limited, who are claiming that a lone gunman relieved them of $17M in broad daylight.The staffers also claimed that the bandit relieved two company guards of their firearms during the heist,NFL Jerseys Cheap, which occurred at around 13:00 hours yesterday at Sussex and Charles Streets,Cheap Jerseys, Charlestown.But investigators appear to believe that the incident has all the hallmarks of an inside job and have detained the employees with a view to picking up clues on the robbery.According to reports,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, accounts clerks Jonathan Dookie, 21,Cheap Jerseys From China, and 57-year-old Dewan Chand of Toolsie,Cheap Jerseys From China, who were accompanied by two armed security guards,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, were on their way to a Water Street bank in a pickup when they were forced to stop at Sussex and Charles Streets, Charlestown, to avoid hitting a pedestrian.According to sources, the staffers claimed that the same ‘pedestrian’ then drew a firearm and pointed it at one of the armed guards, who is also employed as a driver. It is alleged that the gunman then relieved the employees of some $16.9 million,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/AC-Milan-FC/, a loaded .32 Taurus pistol and .32 Taurus revolver. He reportedly then escaped in a silver-grey car.But Kaieteur News understands that persons who were in the area at the time claimed that they did not see when the men were robbed. Some only observed the employees running and saying that they had been robbed.Yesterday’s robbery occurred two days after the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a special seminar to sensitise its members on security issues. It also came a few days after the police had raided the same area, which they consider a hotspot for crime.One businessman was so disgusted at the way the robbery occurred that he described the actions of the company as “penny wise, pound foolish”.He suggested that the company should have opted for an armed police escort for such a large amount of cash, especially since the police service comes at a cheap price.“This is a real security lapse on the part of a big company like Toolsie Persaud Limited. Despite all the warnings and advice on how to move cash, these people have not taken their security seriously,Cheap Jerseys, and some people blame the police,Alex Delvecchio Red Wings Jersey,” the businessman stated.He recalled an incident that occurred in the city a few weeks ago when a businessman transporting a large amount of cash was seriously wounded, while his handyman was shot dead by bandits who made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.“All these people have to do is to make an arrangement with the police to escort these large amounts of cash,” the businessman emphasized.Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell had also recently cautioned members of the business community to be more security conscious, particularly when transporting large sums of cash.