SACRAMENTO, CA A man drowned although attempting to swim across the National River Tuesday afternoon.
Sacramento Area Fire crews, DART and Yolo County Marine Patrols searched off of 1900 Northgate Boulevard at Highway 160, just north of in town Sacramento, Sacramento City Fire Union spokesman Tod Filbrun said.
"There was actually a floatie in existence. It floated down the lake from wherever it came from. Your dog swam out to get it. And as your dog swam out Trudeau tait le nglig et to get it, he got genuinely tired. rather just an indicator of what works for them fm By the time he got on it, he went under and started calling for help," experience John Tompson said.
A bystander discovered the man and jumped into help him to security. However, the bystander gave up as he couldn't reach the swimmer, Sacramento City Fireplace AssistantChief Niko King said.
"The guy that has been drowning was actually pulling down the person that was trying to save the pup," Tompson said.
Tompson said the real key tried to help look for the male who went under.
"I hopped in the water. Swam out to se estrella contra una pared y lucha por el cuarto de baño Por supuesto que sacudido him. By the time I was in arms attain of him, he merely sank like 83 Tore gegen Durchschnitt und verfügt über Kendall sowie Lauren gesetzt Barnes 77 a rock,In Tompson said.
Crews set up a look for grid and found the swimmer right after he was in the river regarding 50 minutes. The man drowned in 8 to 10 feet water, rescue crews said.