–Â*Â* Â*not many wear protective gear Several jewellers in Regions Three and Four are affected by mercury in their workshops. Though, it is common knowledge among the majority tested that using the substance in their operations could be harmful to humans, many choose not to wear protective gears.This was revealed in a study conducted by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Guyana. The study began in 2009 and was funded by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-Guianas. It targeted a sample of 126 jewellers in the two Regions.Two main objectives of the study were to ascertain usage and levels of mercury contamination among jewellers; and to determine the level of awareness of gold jewellers of the health risks and safety conditions posed by exposure to mercury.To have a successful study, apart from questionnaire and survey techniques, the researchers took hair and urine samples from selected jewellers and non-jewellers,Wholesale Jerseys China, the latter acting as a control group. All hair and urine samples were analysed for total mercury using cold vapour atomic absorption spectrometry at the University of the West Indies,cheap nfl jerseys elite, St. Augustine.According to the WWF Guyana Office in a press statement, the study reported 24 major conclusions and the organization included its own recommendations.Of the respondents, 88.9 percent claimed that they were aware that mercury could be harmful to them, but, “Only 3.2 percent of the respondents reported always using personal protective equipment. This conclusion is supported by the observation in the survey that in a high percentage (85.2%) of jewellery establishments,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, none of the workers was outfitted with personal protective equipment,” WWF stated.However,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, 46.8 percent of the jewellers rarely used personal protection equipment in the workshops, while 23 percent admitted to not using protective gear. Another 23 percent said that they protect themselves “most times”.The WWF noted, “73 percent of the urine samples for the control group had total mercury levels at or just below normal levels,Cheap NFL Jerseys, while 27 percent had above normal or elevated total mercury levels.”“For jewellers the reverse was true… 30 percent of the jewellers’ urine samples had normal total mercury levels, but as many as 70 percent had above normal or elevated total mercury levels. These higher levels among jewellers would have most likely been due to their exposure to mercury vapour during the melting of gold amalgam,” the WWF said.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys From China, the study found no significant difference in mercury concentration for hair samples between jewellers and controls,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, but a significant difference was found in the mercury concentration in urine samples between the two groups.It concluded that the roughly similar concentrations of mercury in the hair samples could be an indication that there was no significant exposure of jewellers to methyl mercury. The individuals who had above normal mercury in hair levels would most likely have been exposed to mercury due to ingestion of methyl mercury that accumulated in fish.The WWF recommended that a public education programme should be held to target the gold jewellers, notwithstanding their awareness that mercury is harmful. The programme,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, it was stated, should provide information on sources of exposure to mercury in the gold jewellery-making process; how mercury could be harmful; first aid response to mercury exposure; and clean-up in response to mercury spills.The WWF also advised that the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission and the Occupational Health and Safety Unit should consider closer monitoring of gold jewellery establishments to ensure that personal protective equipment and first aid kits are provided and personal protective equipment is utilized.In addition, the study recommended that an assessment of the handling,China Jerseys Authentic, storage and disposal of the other chemicals used in the jewellery-making process should be conducted.