Since Swaps4 has been giving out many DiRT Showdown keys,
we're looking for a small group of enthusiastic gamers who love racing games.
If you are Interested on joining this small group, we would like you to introduce yourself
On the Comment Section Below . Lucchini AKA the Host of the Group makes anime liveries/textures for DiRT 3 and other Codemaster games.
If You can show us that you're a serious and dedicated member of the team; you will get your own Custom Livery
Specially made from Lucchini with a theme of your choice (providing he knows what the theme is).
We Will Soon host a lobby on DiRT 3 for a Big Trial and most
importantly we only want people who are serious about joining and not just for shits and giggles.
That's all I have to Say.

PS: We want drivers mainly for DiRT 3

Steam group:
Lucchini's Youtube channel :