In 2010, Medicare spent over $14 billion on oxygen equipment, mobility scooters, diabetes exam strips and other "durable medical equipment" plus supplies that patients your home kitchen. For taxpayers, and for heirs with a 20% co pay, which had been about $5 billion too much.The other VIEW: Fix the deception bidding program:Everyone overpaid simply because for years, Medicare bought or maybe rented things like this on a fee schedule set by means of Congress, for prices which in fact had nothing to do with normal industry competition.Now a competitive businesses process is starting to produce huge savings and has the potential to cut costs even more unless the industry and its allies in Our elected representatives manage to derail it.The particular bidding program, passed with 2003, finally went into effect in nine metro parts in 2011. It will expand to be able to 91 more this summer. This bids confirm that the old system wasted shocking amounts of income, and still wastes it with areas where bidding hasn't still begun.Under the new system, for example, oxygen equipment in which used to go for about $177 monthly will now cost $93. A hospital sleep that cost $1,376 under the aged rules will now go for $738. Having diabetes test strips that helpful to cost almost $78 a month will now cost less than $23 a month a discount of more than 70%.Overall savings currently have ranged from 35% to 45%. And more than utilization has fallen also, because Medicare is doing far more to weed out providers whom gamed the system to push heirs to get things they weren't eligible for or didn't require.Equipment and supplies absolutely are a relatively small part of Medicare's $600 billion dollars annual bill. But with Congress and the White House seeking ways to cut costs, these savings are significant, and could be more impressive when the program is Belstaff Dublin going nationwide in 2016. Just as important, this points to even more possible savings from putting lab tests, MRIs and other items out to get bid.Not surprisingly, an industry that is seeing its profit margins slip dramatically is fighting challenging to change or roll backside the bidding program. The actual American Association for Homecare, your industry's trade group, and huge equipment providers such as the VGM Set have mounted an harm that combines political contributions, lobbying and also a broad effort to discredit just how Medicare has run it's bidding system.Charges the fact that new system is unfairly traveling small providers out of business needs to be taken with a large touch of suspicion. Yes, it can be harsh and disruptive to impose competition on an industry that has typically avoided it, but that's the way free markets are supposed to do the job. Taxpayers should not prop up uncompetitive corporations.The bidding program had taken eight years to get going, and it is starting to save money. Any strategy that fails to extend those savings will pick the storage compartments of taxpayers and individuals alike.


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