Police said 33 year old David Lavera had been communicating with the teenager on social media. The individuals mother said the man said daughter he was an actor from the "Twilight" movie series."This young lady had met her previously in Newton and had talked to her. He got on Facebook along with her. They were communicating on Zynga. And through that Facebook they came up here to Baxter to meet with her," Baxter Police Fundamental Steve Wright said. "This isn't somebody who just wants to be close friends. And typically this is the kind of individual that meets a profile of somebody that predator and can be dangerous."The victim's spouse and children said Lavera came to their home to pick up the teen. The teen's sister informed her mother, who called cops and several friends. One of those pals spotted the suspect's car."My girlfriend saw them coming away from a gravel road directed back into town, blocked all of them off, jumped out, ceased the vehicle with her own body, and told my little princess to get out of the car. Made her get in her vehicle," the victim's mom, April Roush said.The suspect took off but police eventually involved with him.Police initially arrested Lavera on a weapons charge and for driving without a license. An enticement charge possesses since been added.A victim's mother said the woman learned a lot from the incident. "Instagram, Twitter, there's a reason there's an time limit on these things and I think all of us Belstaff Motorcycle Jackets parents need to apply that. And not go, 'Oh, nicely, my daughter's so good I'll trust her.' Perfectly, so was my child and look what happened," Roush alerted.According to the Internet Movie Database, Lavera has been in at least 13 unique movies including "Die Fighting,Inch "Fortune 500 Man" and he says he / she played a bit role within "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom with the Crystal Skull."

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