DANBURY, Conn. Danbury Promise for Children Partnership, committed to improving the lives of youngsters in the city, has received finance from The Grossman Family Foundation to assist home visiting services.
usually are thrilled that The Grossman Family Foundation is supporting our try to prepare children for school, said Caroline LaFleur, coordinator of the partnership. of our own children are facing a lot of problems, and those challenges are avoiding them from arriving at kindergarten ready to learn. This is particularly the case with low income children. Most of these funds will help us begin to correct those challenges and put small children on the right path for learning.
Most of the funds will be familiar with provide more home traveling to services to Danbury families that are vulnerable and at risk, which include low income families, families new to the area or the state, single parent families, households headed by teen mommies and grandparents, and young families facing other life pressures.
Home visits to those families will be provided using a style called As Teachers. Under the style, trained staff visit families and offer a broad spectrum associated with parent education and family support. Research shows that parents who feel the program read more often with their children, engage their children in home learning activities, and are also more likely to enroll them throughout preschool. The children of families who go through the program are more gotten ready for kindergarten and show higher reading and math motivation at the end of Moncler Hat kindergarten.
as Course instructors is an evidenced based system with a track record of improving a youngster ability to enter kindergarten happy to succeed. We are pleased to companion with Danbury Promise for Children Relationship in the expansion of this program and the Partnership work to improve wellness educational outcomes for the kids of Danbury, said Linda Franciscovich, govt director of the Grossman Family Base.
Parents As Teachers property visits will be provided by Individuals Network of Western Burglary, an agency that has been serving households in the Danbury community since 98. It has been a "Parents As Teachers" Licensed site for six many years.
Danbury Promise for Children Partnership means that all Danbury children, ages start through 8, are wholesome and ready for school. It brings together parents, educators, health services, businesses, and members of faith communities to create a city during which all children receive the companies and supports they need to triumph.

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