The Surinamese police intercepted more than 21 kilograms of cocaine on Sunday and of the five suspects arrested one is a Guyanese.The authorities seized 20 packs with a gross weight of 21.280 kg of cocaine and four vehicles.The action was carried out by the drug units of the Judicial Service of the Police Corps Suriname (KPS) and supported by the Arrest Team.According to reports,Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey, the drugs came again from Guyana and were partly intended for the local market and partly for the European market. In Europe it costs around 35,Kansas Jayhawks Jerseys,000 euros a kilo of cocaine,Andre Johnson Miami Jersey, depending on the quality and in Suriname on average between US$5500 and US$7000.Given the price difference,Lower Merion Jerseys, it is still attractive for criminals to keep trying,Jon Beason Miami Jersey, said Commissioner Hussainali-Mathoera Krishna,Joseph Addai LSU Jersey, head of the Judicial Service. Drug bosses use couriers who find themselves in difficult socioeconomic circumstances.These couriers want more than a quick and easy way to earn money without having to ascertain the serious consequences for their own and their families.