"You let go!" History of the pain of the call, the hand on the hand of the promise, her pain in the face is white,Yeezy Boost 350, can not be opened and she did not see the signs of letting go. "You let go!" Ning Yuewen look, rushed to grab a Nobel wrist past history. Clip beautiful nails in the process of cutting the thin arm of the past, like a hook on the skin with a draw. Cheng Nobel was unchanged, can hand but increasingly hard, the history of Peipei wail more. "Bones, my bones are breaking!" Shi Peipei shouted with action bent to the process of Nobel, beautiful eyes overflow tears over Jingrong weeks to see this scene,Cheap Air Max 90, several girls stand together confrontation, anxious she shouted, "Luigi Nono, you go." In the weeks and weeks do not agree with the look in the eyes, Cheng's fingers in the end loose. Forced off the history of Peipei wrist, Cheng Nobel withdrew his hand to Zhou Jingrong, a low shout, "mom!" "What the hell is going on?" Look at the way Zhou Jingrong Nobel, and turned to look at Yuewen ning. "What the hell is going on? Why don't you ask your daughter?" Ning Yuewen put his hand on the history of Peipei looked at her wrist, there is a red circle. Her eyes suddenly heat up, not love history Peipei, but also a master! Cheng Nuo like this,Bague Pandora, it is simply a slap on her face,Pandora Bracelet, the pressure is not taboo. Mouguang sharp like the blade, and the rapid accumulation of mood,Burberry Outlet, surging, in all people react with, she suddenly raised her hand. Snapped. Loud. In the hospital corridor. All the patients, family members,Chanel Outlet, or doctors were shocked by the unexpected scene. "Can't wait to get on the man's bed? So your parents taught you that?!" Ning Yuewen Mouguang sharp and ruthless li. Her words, stimulate the eardrum pain. This slap to come over, the process of the smoke without any precautions, she did not even avoid the avoidance of this trick, the cheek of a pumping a pain, ears up, and even her voice in a moment can not hear. The inner wall of the mouth is resting on the teeth, and the painful eyes seem to be red. The side face was the heart of the Pakistan hand fan, instantly floating up hostility. She is so big, even the old man, is not willing to give her a slap in the face! Ning Yuewen this slap in front of Zhou Jingrong pumping over, crisply, like smoke in her body. "You this girl,Longchamp Outlet, how to hit?" The rest is good woman,New Balance, don't understand these young people's behavior. "She's all light." Ning Yuewen cold hum, "your daughter can't teach,Swarovski Outlet, I'll teach you!" There's more and more whispering around, but no one is willing to come up. "Xiao Ning, what are you doing? In the hospital - Dr. Liu heard the sound out loud outside, see this scene is very shocking. Cheng promise the child he cooked,Hermes Belt, her mother has been here for several years, has been very sensible.Articles Connexes:

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