Bright and early today everybody in Office of de President get confuse. De first thing dem does do when dem go in de office is read de Waterfalls paper. This morning dem go in as usual and dem see de other papers but no Waterfalls paper.That wouldn’t have happen if some janitor in de place didn’t threaten de boy who does drop de paper. He watch de boy and tell he how de government gun shut down de Waterfalls paper. That mek de boss man see red.Right away he tell dem to stop all paper and to show how he bad he send a message to Office of de President. Nanda did pay an advance fuh de papers. De Waterfalls boss man tell dem that dem got to come to he fuh de money because he don’t intend to give dem back any.Dem boys seh that it only sound right since Office of de President does give way millions of dollars to special people and don’t look back. Dem seh that OP can give de Waterfalls paper that small piece without even a twitch.But while that happening Basil de potential candidate print some jerseys wid he face. He go in de Mash parade and he decide to share out de jerseys. He give couple people—all of dem mad.But wha mek dem boys laugh is when he ask one of de men who is Basil. De man look at he and ask,Luis Gonzalez Diamondbacks Jersey, “Who? Basil? Who Basil?”If that is an indication he goose cook fuh de president wuk.Talk half. Lef half.