Whole day yesterday de place quiet.* And is not like it was hot and breeze wasn?t blowing. Was shame that had people at GINA quiet. Dem never expect that de story of de press pass woulda come out.Is lang now dem boys seh that de GINA press pass is a joke because drain cleaners,David Robertson White Sox Jersey, weed cutters and even some pickpockets had de press pass. When dem boys ask how come dem get pass dem reply that dem had lines. One set claim that all he had to do was find some young gyal fuh Neeaz. And dem also got to find couple bottle of cheap rum.Kwame is a different kettle of fish. He in high office and he don?t need poor people friend. In fact,Early Wynn White Sox Jersey, dem boys seh that he don?t need much,Anthony Rizzo Cubs Jersey, just a little prodding from time to time. Is de prodding that provide dem other people wid media pass,Sammy Sosa Cubs Jersey, including nuff lil boys.That is why some of dem reporters never want de media pass because dem feel that it belittling dem as reporters. Dem boys seh is like when dem buy some expensive shirt and de next thing is that dem see a man digging trench wid de same shirt.But these days anything does happen. Dem boys seh that de security at Office of de President does only look at de colour of de pass. Dem don?t watch de picture. Well dem boys seh that dem have to examine every one because when Uncle Adam come wid he own and dem allow he fuh pass dem got to answer to Bharrat.Talk half. Lef half.