The most recent statistical and forecast models have indicated that there are reasonably high probabilities of normal rainfall during the upcoming wet season.According to a report out of the Hydromet office, notwithstanding that,Jerseys From China Online, there are likely to be periods of high intensity rainfall. The Hydromet office warned that preparations for short periods of heavy downpours in the season must be considered.Over at the East Demerara Water Conservancy,Cheap Jerseys From China, evaluation of tenders for pre-investment studies for the design of engineering works and supervision of specific adaptation works are ongoing. Also,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, the contract for the rehabilitation of the Lama sluices is to be awarded.Yesterday,China Jerseys Wholesale, the Ministry of Agriculture stated that the preparation for rainy season is important to minimise or prevent floods and to ensure sustainable operation of the drainage system.These preparations will examine the status of drainage projects currently being implemented to improve and sustain the performance of the drainage and irrigation system. In the 2009 budget,Cheap Jerseys, some $11B was set aside for the upgrading of drainage and irrigation infrastructure, which will work alongside a number of projects,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which have been co-financed by international institutions.These investments, according to Minister of Agriculture,NFL Cheap Jerseys China, Robert Persaud during the parliamentary debates, are expected to improve the efficiency of the drainage infrastructure,Cheap Jerseys Free, reduce the prevalence of flooding and will lead to an increase in agricultural production and productivity.In the MMA region, the Minister had said some $163.7M will go towards civil works and fostering agricultural development.The US$3.8M World Bank Conservancy Adaptation Project, he had said, will finance the development of the technical foundation for a master plan of future interventions within the EDWC. This will also be in lowland drainage systems,China Jerseys Online, as well as specific upgrading works and operational improvements aimed at enhancing the flood control capacity of the EDWC.These works are expected to improve the ability to manage water levels behind the EDWC dam during heavy rains.