For more than two decades the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) lambasted its political opponents’Former Finance Minister Carl Greenidgechallenges on its Accountability saying that they had no authority to question it, given their track record on the subject.Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh and former President Bharrat Jagdeo are but two of the harsh critics of the People’s National Congress (PNC) on its record of financial accountability and has dealt several scathing remarks at its former Finance Minister Carl Greenidge.On several platforms and various forums,cheap jerseys nfl wholesale, ranks from the administration have repeatedly criticized Greenidge for not being able to present the nation’s accounts to the Parliament.For the first time Greenidge has broken his silence on the matter and has strong words for the administration saying that “if they believe” that he had breached the financial regulations in any way then they can move to prosecute him.Greenidge has also made a damning revelation that when the PPP took office in 1992 several years of Parliamentary Hansards vanished and the completed audit reports were never laid in Parliament which they had in their possession.He was at the time speaking about holding the administration accountable to the law of Guyana when he laid the challenge to the administration saying that if they believed that he was involved in malfeasance as it relates to his management and decisions as Minister of Finance Minister then they should prosecute him.Speaking to his record as Finance Minister and the repeated claims that he was unaccountable,wholeslae cheap nfl jerseys china, Greenidge said that it must first be understood that when he took office as Minister of Finance the Auditor General reports were already behind. He inherited a backlog.“They were years behind when I arrived as a Minister.”The former Finance Minister explained that when he took office,Â* Desmond Hoyte and the then Auditor General,wholesale jerseys china, Pat Farnum, were already in advanced discussions on bringing the reports up to date.He explained that Farnum “took the trouble to write me a long memo over what has to be done.”One of the reasons behind the backlog stemmed from the accounting procedures such as with the case of gold sold overseas.He explained that payments were made to overseas Embassies and that the country was already too cash strapped to send auditors to the various missions overseas.“It is absolutely untrue to say that as Minister of Finance I did not conclude the audits in a timely fashion.”Greenidge reminded that he was in that Office for nine years and some 11 audits were submitted to Parliament in his time.He said that the audits which remained outstanding for “1985 to 1992 were completed when I left office.”Greenidge said that it was for the then Auditor Generals,cheap nfl jerseys china, Anand Goolsaran and a Mr. Layne who were in the process of finalizing the reports of the audits for submission to Parliament.“That is the state in which I left them when the PPP came into Office,jerseys nfl wholesale,” insists Greenidge. The question as to why the completed reports were never laid in Parliament should not be put to him,cheap nfl jerseys online, he said.He said that just as the way the Hansards which records the deliberations and actions taken in the House for the period 1985-1992 vanished, “those audits were never laid.”Greenidge said that “it has served the PPP very well for the audits not to be completed because the party has been able to use that as a whip.”Greenidge said that he is in possession of correspondence where he had reprimanded Goolsaran for not doing the work that he was supposed to have done.Greenidge said that Goolsaran was also reprimanded by him for giving information to the media claiming to be doing things which in fact he was not.The former Finance Minister said that the entire affair “is a murky area.”He said that all of this occurred at a time “when you have individuals including Mr. (Bharrat) Jagdeo who was fighting Asgar Ally for the position of Minister of Finance and therefore doing things in relation to our reports that would put them in a good light versus Asgar Ally.”“If Jagdeo knew and was so confident that Goolsaran was being denied his power why didn’t he show the evidence?”Greenidge insists that he at no point in time sought to obstruct or instruct the Auditor General at the time to do anything contrary to the law but rather to seek advice from the then Attorney General.