The education system in East Berbice, Region Six,Billy Williams Cubs Jersey, continues to take a beating. There were shocking revelations at the Vryman’s Erven Secondary (VESS) in New Amsterdam on Friday.A fifth form student, Victor Edwards, was badly beaten and injured by a group of young men who barged into the school on Friday. Edwards had to be rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he received medical attention including three stitches.Reports on the incident state that Edwards sustained the severe beating after the intruders were informed by a female student,Joe Maddon Cubs Jersey, said to be a gang member, of a disagreement between her and the boy.The assault in school.Kaieteur News understands that around 09:00 hrs the students were gambling in the school. It is understood that Edwards decided that it was time to stop the game and subsequently seized the cards. This was met with stern opposition by the female student who insisted in an explicit laced retort,Jason Heyward Cubs Jersey, that no one can stop her from playing. She subsequently went and collected another pack of cards and resumed the gambling.Edwards again took the cards; this infuriated the young woman even more and she challenged the young man to a fight, even hitting him subsequently. She then left and returned with a cutlass which she had hidden in the school.She then cuffed and broadsided the young man on his hands and his head. Eventually she dropped the cutlass which Edwards reportedly picked up and retaliated. The young woman left the school and after a while, some men aged between 18 and 20 walked into the school, got hold of Edwards and dealt him a severe beating.The student subsequently informed his parents and the matter was reported to the head teacher.Â* According to information the girl’s boyfriend who is one of the leaders of the gang subsequently turned up in the school,Todd Frazier White Sox Jersey, decked out in school uniform,Luis Aparicio White Sox Jersey, in order to dupe the teachers that he was a student. He then produced an ice pick with which he stabbed Edwards on his arm,Jerseys NFL China, ribs and head.The student had to be rushed to the hospital by his father.The police were subsequently informed and began investigations.Â* Then on Sunday evening Edwards and some friends were on the road in Smythfield and had to run for their lives when they were attacked by the same gang, this time numbering about 15. They were on bicycles and were armed with cutlasses.Injured youth: Victor EdwardsAnother report was made to the police station. The police went in search of the men who upon seeing the cops ran away into the Angoy’s avenue area.None has been arrested so far