One would expect that due process would be followed when it comes to the dispensation of rich, mineralFormer GGMC Chairman,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Clinton Williamslands controlled by the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC).But officials of the entity say that this is not always the case.They said that only a “special or premium” group of operators benefit from information that is not always supplied or made readily available to the public.Allegations have surfaced to the effect that in many cases, only rich mining operators benefit from having inside friends. These friends would alert them that certain , rich lands have been repossessed and are ready for the taking.Kaieteur News understands that this happened in many instances under the PPP regime. One case implicated Bai Shan Lin Director,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale China, Chu Hongbo.The matter dates back some years ago when GGMC had granted a Prospecting License to Brian Chase. This allowed Chase access to a specific piece of land in the Mazaruni area so that he could evaluate the commercial mineral wealth.Chase, however, failed to renew his Prospecting Licence. The Commission in such cases is empowered by the law to repossess the land; and it did.When the land was repossessed, Kaieteur News understands that the Bai Shan Lin Director was notified and preparations were put in place for him to grab the mineral rich lands.Chu Hongbo applied for a Mining Permit, instead of a prospecting licence and that was granted. He capitalized on the prospecting done by Chase who found a rich vein of gold so he, Chu,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, did not need a prospecting licence.A Mining Permit is of five years duration and may be renewed for further periods,NFL Jerseys Outlet From China, not exceeding five yearsFormer Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaudon each occasion or for the life of the deposit of the mineral in respect of which it is granted.The GGMC official explained, “There are cases where mineral rich lands would be repossessed from prospectors. This happens when the prospectors fail to renew their licences.”He said that the Board has the power to repossess mining lands.Â* When this happens the Chairman and the Minister are aware of the repossession.The official said that Minister is the authority to grant prospecting and mining licences. He said that the GGMC commissioner is only authorised to grant prospecting permits.He went on to say that only the Board can issueÂ* Mining permits.The official said that there have been cases where those with the authority waste no time “in notifying friends, the minute rich lands are repossessed.These repossessed lands are kept for certain people; the first come first served procedure does not even get a chance to take place.”Williams was asked about this yesterday but he completely denied it.When Kaieteur News asked Clinton Williams, the former Board Chairman, if “hypothetically speaking”BaiShanLin Director, Chu Hongbothe possibility existed for GGMC officials to share their knowledge of reclaimed lands with a close friend of theirs.Did Chu Hongbo,NFL Jerseys Supply, of BaiShanLin, for example, had access to such insider information that allowed him to go through the right channels to get those lands?Williams stated,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, “I can’t confirm or deny. I would not be able to tell you whether the possibility existed. There have been lots of allegations about that hence the Board agreed that there should be a system review given the allegations of that nature.”