Well hello people, you propably know me from the AutoAnimeDownloader, if not, its here somewhere to.
Anyway, I created something new that I would like to share with you all. And you can probably guess it by the title^^.

Its an batch downloader for irc xdcc/dcc, I created this because I could not find any batch files on there and I am to lazy to download every episode manually.
How to install it and how to use it is explained on the github, so I wont be talking over that here, I hope its readable, since my english is not that good. Anyway,
here is the link(im also quit new to github so I don not really know how to make the readme look fancy):


If you have any questions, suggestions or just something to tell me, post it down here, I always like feedback, even if they are bad.

Greetings From Rare . I hope I made your life easier