Just go in de court any day and you gun hear some story that would bring tears to you eye,Wholesale NFL Jerseys. De only thing is that dem story ain’t true but de people who telling dem can mek people believe anything.Tek de case of de man who get ketch wid a pound of ganja,NFL Jerseys Authentic. He tell de magistrate how school open and how he ain’t got nutten to send he children to school suh he tun to ganja. He ain’t tell de magistrate that he trust de ganja and he ain’t tell she that he plant it.Dem boys seh that if he plant it he had good timing because de crop come in as soon as school open fuh he buy school clothes.Â* De magistrate ain’t buy he story and send he to jail.Now who gun provide fuh dem same children who didn’t have school clothes.Then dem got de other one who like sell wha he don’t own. He forge a power of attorney and a transport. Then he sell de house. When he go to court he tell de magistrate how is de people who own de house give he permission to sell de house.He got a long time to sleep and think bout de forgery and de people money that he tek. He ain’t even got a cent to show,Cheap Jerseys.Dem boys seh that everybody know that jail ain’t nice yet people dos do thing fuh end up deh,NFL Jerseys Supply. A man shoot and kill he friend over a woman; another stab up a next man who was walking wid two woman,NFL Jerseys From China.De thing that mek dem boys laugh is when de two men try fuh tell de police that dem get rob.Dem is not de only people who deserve to got to jail. Dem got a big one who own a hotel. He employ a woman who de police been looking for ever since Noah was wearing short pants. And heÂ* got de nerves to tell de police how de woman tell he that de police clear she. He should be in jail.Dem got more too but that is another story fuh another time,Cheap Jerseys From China.Talk half and watch how people racing to go to jail.