Victim’s mother pressured to take compensationLife for a 30-year-old mother who resides on East Coast Demerara was normal prior to January 14, last,Throwback Jerseys, when her three-year-old son was sodomised by his 14-year-old neighbour.The child, who is not a Guyanese, would usually go over at the teen’s house to play. According to his mother, after living overseas for several years she decided to “come back home”.Due to her two other children live-in arrangement at their schools,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, she and her three year-old son share her mother’s apartment with a close female friend.On Friday, January 14, she left her child at home in the care of her friend and went to make some purchases.When she returned home later that day she proceeded to shower the child. It was while showering him, that he told her that his “bottom” was hurting, but she paid no attention to his cries, thinking that he probably fell and hit himself.Her life came to an abrupt change after her son for the second time complained that his anus was hurting.Â* Upon closely examining the child she realised that his anus was badly bruised and was “very red”.The three-year-old who is described to be smart and out spoken, told his mother “Mommy, (name withheld) pushed his penis into my bottom”. With that, the mother became in shock,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, ran out of her house into the open yard,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, nude.It was only after her friend intervened that she realised she was “naked”. “After my son told me that,Wholesale Jerseys, I just ran outside and started to holler…I became confused. I did not know what to do when I heard what that boy did to my son,Andy Pettitte Jersey,” explained the still traumatised woman.After being consoled,Jerseys Cheap NFL, the woman visited the suspect’s mother who is an Education Officer and related to her the story but for some strange reason the woman paid her no mind and gave her the ‘cool shoulder’, “after I told her what her son did to my child all she did was to call her son to listen to what I was saying”.She then took her son to a doctor who advised her to report the matter to the Beterverwagting Police Station. According to the woman, the officers took her report and the teenager was arrested.However,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, the alleged perpetrator was released on Wednesday from police custody on station bail.The mother of the child alleged that since then, the teen’s mother had approached her with cash to finish the story but she has refused to be compensated.“My child was sodomised and she is asking me to take her money and finish the story…That is the most vindictive thing I ever heard. If he commit the crime let him face the penalty cause he would continue to do other children the same thing”.Fighting to hold back tears,NCAA Hockey Jerseys, the child’s mother stated that she is fearful of not receiving justice because she was made aware that her son was not the first child the teen had sexually molested.“Everyone is telling me to take compensation because that’s how Guyana is…Justice will not be served due to the office the accused mother holds,” lamented the woman.Kaieteur News understands that the three year-old was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after falling sick earlier this week. He was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, a disease that is transmitted sexually.